Why I Came To I.I.U.I
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Assallamu Alaikum my dear Brothers and Sisters,

My name is Turan Kislakci (nickname: Mus'ab) and I am from Turkey, from the city of Istanbul. In 1991, I graduated from our local Commercial High School, which have courses in Economics, rights, banking and Turkish literacy. Thereafter, in 1992 I entered Inonu University in Malatya, Turkey for my Bachelors in Economics. We used to debate and have discussions about Islam there with Secularists and Socialists. Inspite of having read many Islamic books, which were translated into Turkish language, I was unable to have successfull discussions with them to convince them that Islam is the best, and not their socialism and secularism.

After being really depressed, I began thinking on how to learn Arabic and Islamic Studies, so that I can serve better Allah's Deen, Al-Islam. Searched on many Islamic Universities, such as in Medina, Saudi Arabia or Cairo, Egypt and in Tunisia. But once a Pakistani trader was visiting my city and i met him. He told me that there is an Islamic University in pakistan, of which I didn't know about.

Immediately I left my University and the studies that I was studying there and took my passport and came to Lahore, Pakistan in 1993, despite my parents and family were against me going to Pakistan. But the love of seeking Allah's Knowledge literally dragged me along, and I broke all chains of restrictions upon me to quench my never-ending thirst for Islam.

In Lahore, I studied for a year in Moulana Syed Maududi's Institute, and after that in 1994 I applied to the International Islamic University in Islamabad, and got accepted and began my studies in B.A. (Hons) Usuluddin in tafseer and hadith from Sept.94.

Alhamdu-lillah I recieved what I was desiring from the Islamic Knowldge, that was a necessity as well also studied the other Social Sciences here at the Univeristy, and perfected the thirst of Allah's Knowledge, thru His Book and His Prophet's Sunnah. I don't want to boast about this University, but frankly and realistically speaking this University is the best in some aspect compared to all the Islamic Universities in the world. The reason for this is that here in the Univeristy, they give you the Islamic Knowledge without any prejudice or biasness, and give all the sides of the issue as opposed to giving just one point of view, or being narrow-minded and short-sighted, as some of the other Islamic Universities do.

Insha Allah in Dec.'98 I shall graduate from this Univeristy, and Insha Allah serve Allah(swt) and His Deen when I go back to my country and city, and try to spread the knowledge Allah has bestowed upon me, in this short spann of time. I request each one of you who read this, to please pray for me and my family and that I serve Allah's Path. Ameen.

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