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University Facilities


The University maintains six well equipped Libraries in all fields of Islamic Ulum (knowledge). Specialized Library for Research Scholars is being maintained in the Islamic Research Institute, which is within the premises of the main campus building. Also departmental libraries are provided with all important texts and recomended books. Besides, reading materials are made available by the Photostat (Xerox) Service Units on the recommendations of the teachers.

Book Bank

Acknowledging the skyrocketing costs of Islamic Books and trying to make it more readily available for Islamic Knowledge, The University maintains a very well equipped Book Bank. Here thousands of Islamic Books (both old orthodox and new one) with multiple copies of each are kept in store for free use by the students on a semester basis.

In other words, once a student knows which courses he/she has registered for, then they can find out the textbooks required for that, and simply walk into the Book Bank with their I.D. card and get free books for those courses and to be returned after use at the end of the semester. Thus, in this way the university relieves the students from the burden of buying very expensive books, and in due course makes Islamic Knowledge more easily accessible. Alahamdu-lillah!


The University has its own transport facilities and is also connected with the public and private transport system of Islamabad. The University Bus shuttle service runs buses on limited different routes within the vivinity of the city, and thus providing students with readily access to main important points of the city. Therefore the commuting students living in Rawalpindi/Islamabad are provided the facility of conveyance at concessional rates subject to limited routes.

Medical Care Centre

The University maintains Medical Centers for male and female students (of course separately, no mixing!) under the care of qualified doctors for free treatments of minor illnesses and ailments. Cases of serious nature are referred to Government Hospitals in Islamabad for hospitalization and treatment, which is also free of cost for the bonafide students of the University.

The Medical Centers have also set up a laboratory to conduct various tests. The center also has an ambulance at its disposal to meet any emergencies. All medicines provided by the center for the treament of the students are also free.

Post Office

There is a branch of Pakistan Post Office on the premises of the University. Postal Stamps vending and Registration, Money order remittance services are provided during working workers.


The University has several pay telephone booths on its premises for easy access to telephone. These use phone cards, which can be bought at the University Book Store. There is also a Public Call Office, where local phone calls within the city can easily be made at Pak.Rs.3 per call.

Banking Services

For payments, receipt, and remittances, the Habib Bank Limited maintains a branch at the premises of the University. In other words, the Bank also acts as the University Bursar Account, where all University Fees are to be paid also.

The Bank also provides services to the students also, such Profit and Loss Sharing accounts, which are opened and deposits accepted under normal banking procedures. The Bank welcomes the students to open their personal accounts there and renders them all banking service with courtesy and consideration. All students admitted to the University are advised to open their accounts with this bank. This also helps in their transactions with the University.

Sports and Recreation

The University has started a modest programme in its Hostels for indoor games. Volley Ball, Basket Ball, FootBall, Cricket, Table Tennis and atheletics as well as hiking, trekking and recovering etc., are also arranged to provide recreation and ensure physical well being of students.

In addition to this, the University also organises sight seeing tours of the beautiful scenic Northern Mountanious Areas of Pakistan for the students, with breath-taking views that people would forget North America and Europe!

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