Why I Came To I.I.U.I
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Assallamu Alaikum my dear Brothers and Sisters,

My name is Saoed Muhammad Khadje, a Suriname born Dutch national. My ancestors were from the Dutch colony Surinam in South America, and then migrated to Holland, where I grew up and finished my high school. After my high school, I entered the University and got my Bachelors in Business Administration.

My parents own a restuarant, and so do I and thus I helped around in the family business after my graduation. At the same time I was very active in the local Masajids and Islamic Centers. I was actively taking part in the growth of Islamic Dawah in The Netherlands (Holland). I used to do regular radio programmes on Islam, as well as appeared many times on the local T.V. networks, doing programmes on Islam.

Due to my constant activities for Islam, I used to read alot on Islam, and also attend as many lectures as possible,even if it be in nearby European countries like England, France, etc. However after some time I began to feel the defiecincy in Arabic Language as well as the urge and need to acquire proper Islamic Knowledge in the original texts. Thus I began my drive to search for Universities to go and study Islam and Arabic from the original sources.

During this time, a new Imam came over to our local area Masjid, who was a graduate of IIUI, and had just recently earned his B.A. in Usuluddin. Through his help, I started the proper procedure to apply to this University and Alhamdu-lillah I got accepted in the Fall semester of 1996 and began my studies in B.A. Usuluddin in the field of Comparitive Religion.

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