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Objectives of The University

In a nutshell, The International Islamic University stands for producing people who are imbued with Islamic learning and character and are capable of meeting economic, social, political, technological, physical, intellectual and aesthetic needs of the society. In order to achieve its objectives the University is running degree programs in addition to a host of other research and training projects. Plan are under active consideration to start some other degree programmes in applied sciences and management.


The supreme authority of The University vests in The Board of Trustees. The President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the Chancellor of the University. He is assisted by a Pro-chancellor and a Rector. The execution of the policies laid down by the Board of Trustees is the responsibility of Board of Governors. the day to day functions of the University are performed by the President, assisted by the Vice-Presidents, Director-Generals of Institutes and Academies, Deans of Faculties and Directors, Academic and Administration.

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