University Accomodation
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Accomodation at The Univeristy

On-Campus Housing

The University provides hostel accomodation for a limited number of students, with special consideration given to students from Muslim Minority countries as well as from non-muslim countries. The University maintains the following hostels, of which four are for males and two for females:

Special Notice:No male students are allowed at any cost into the female hostels and vice versa. The University has arranged special guards and gatekeepers at the sites to protect a comfortable harmony and follow strict Islamic Code of Conduct of not allowing "ikhtillaat" (mixing of sexes).

Off-Campus Housing

The University doesn't provide any housing for married couples who are studying at the University, which leaves them no other choice except off-campus housing in the form private apartments for rent within the city. Also, many overseas foriegn students arrange to live off-campus in rented apartments, as the University Hostel environment may not be suitable for them or not to their liking.

Off-Campus housing is mainly available in the form of renting apartments or portions of bungalows in the city. Many are located close to the Main campus and the girls campus too. However it is important to note that the living costs of Islamabad are higher than the average costs in a major city, owing mainly because it is a capital city. Thus students need to be advised that if they intend to live off-campus, they need to have a good, strong and sound financial support, otherwise financial woes can creep in and distract from studies.

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