Why I Came To I.I.U.I
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Assallamu Alaikum my dear Brothers and Sisters,

Since I was a small child I was wondering of studying somewhere abroad in the Islamic world and that is perhaps because my cousin was studying in Madina Al-Munawwara. He used to bring me nice gifts and tell me beautiful stories about Islam.

When I completed my primary school I decided on my own to study in Islamic secondary school of Ghazi Khusraf Bay in Sarajevo and I gave my best to achieve good results so that I might be sent to one of Islamic Universities.

I never thought of Pakistan but once I was reading Alija Izetbegovic's book 'Islamic Declaration' in which he said that Pakistan is the only country created for Muslims so that they may live in accordance with Islam. He also said that it is an Islamic Laboratory of this century and that it will bring workable solutions for the Muslim Ummah.

When i read that I started asking about Pakistan and how to reach it. Fortunately I met some Bosnians who had graduated from this University before and they encouraged me to seek admission here. I would not do so if their performance was weak and their abilities limited. Their Da'wah skills were more than excellent. They were well versed in English and Arabic and equipped with Islamic knowledge and morals.

Therefore I utilised the very first oppurtunity to get here, and now I have graduated from here with a B.A.(Hons) in Usuluddin and now doing my M.A. in it.

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