Why I Came To I.I.U.I
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In the name of Allah most gracios most merciful

I Alauddin Ansari, Nepalese national,am a student of B. A. (Hons) Usuluddin in final semester in International Islamic University Islamabad Pakistan. Although I completed course of Darse- Nizami (Almiyah and Fadilah) from a famous Jamea of India “Jameatulfalah Bilariya Ganj Azamgarh U. P. India. I took admission in B. A. (Hons) Usuluddin in International Islamic University Islamabad Pakistan .As I heard and found this University having excellent standard of educatin especially in the field of Islamic Studies ,Comparative Religion, Tafseer, Hadith, Arabic Language and Shariah. Most of teachers are Doctors in their subjects.They got their Doctorate from the prominent and biggest Islamic University of the world “Jamea Azhar “ of Egypt. I got admission here in Jan 1994 and spent three years alone . After that I came with my wife Jamila Bano . Now she is also studying here in B.A. (Hons) Usuluddin as a regular student.

I am feeling here very well and happy because of Islamic -brother hood and peaceful environment.This University is actual and real International University .As students of this University are from more than fifty Muslim and Minority counntries of the world. It help us not only in increasing knowledge and information about that countries but also in expending in friendship all over the world. Common language of this University is Quranic language Arabic . which helped me in Arabic speaking power .When I came here I was not able to speak Arabic’ but now I can speak frequently .

Alauddin Ansari
S\O Hamid Miyan
Nepalese National
B. A. (Honrs) Usuluddin
International Islamic University
G.P.O.Box No: 1910
Islamabad . Pakistan

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