Admissions Requirements
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Admissions Requirements

Doctorate Programmes

Ph.D Programmes are regular full time courses.

Masters Programmes

Masters Programmes are regular full time courses.

Bachelors Programmes

All Bachelors level degree programmes are admitted based on the following criterion:

  1. The basic admission requirements to all Bachelors level degree programme is Intermediate/F.A./F.Sc., 12th Grade (High School Diploma) in at least aggergate grade 'C' (50 percent or above marks).

    Holders of GCE with 3 credit level passes at 'A' Level and 4 credit level passes in 'O' Level with at least 'C' grade are also considered.
    Candidates having equivalent qualifications from recognized Deeni Madarass are also considered for admission.

  2. Holders of higher degrees in at least aggregate grade 'C' (50 percent or above marks) shall also be eligible for admission. They will, however, be considered for grant of exemption in some of the subjects which they might have studied in their higher degrees in accordance with the provisions of the University regulations. They will also be required to fulfill the basic admission requirements as per No.1 above.

  3. Applicants for admission to B.A.(Hons) Arabic should have passed Arabic with at least 50 percent marks in the 12th grade examination.

  4. Proficiency in Arabic and English languages is a pre-requisite for admission to all of the Bachelors level degree programmes. Candidates not having proficiency in any of these languages may have to spend a maximum of 3 semesters of 18 weeks duration each, depending upon the candidate's level of proficiency, to eliminate their deficiency in these languages in the Institute of Languages of the University, before they are allowed to start their credit courses.

    Thus the period spent to to complete non-credit preparatory courses shall be over and above the normal period required for the completion of a Bachelors level degree programme.

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