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A little bit about Tucson and the college there...

My experience at the University of Arizona has been great. Since I知 choosing the classes, I知 learning about what I like and the path God has laid for me is becoming clearer.

I initially chose to come here because of the weather. I知 from Seattle, where it is overcast 300 days of the year. It used to be depressing, but now that I get the sun in Arizona 9 months out of the year, I don稚 mind the clouds while I知 home for the summer. I was the number one rain-hater in the family during my high school years, and now when I知 home I just shrug off the rain while my parents are griping about it for the fourteenth time.

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A big part of my life at school is InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. I am spiritually nurtured, encouraged by my friends, and given a chance to use the talents God has given me for His glory. Like, fer instance, playing the drums at IV痴 weekly large group meeting.

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