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Fog Lights

It is my personal opinion that my fellow car nuts spend way too much on fog lights. You may have already noticed from what I have and haven't done to KITT, that my budget is limited. I hear that PIAAs and other top name brands last longer, look better, cast better beams, etc. But I don't see any difference between my PILOTs and the more expensive brands save bragging rights. Mine were around $50 from the auto parts store. Don't think me a simpleton, now...I KNOW a lot of the stuff available at auto parts stores is knock-off junk, but in this case the knock-offs aren't really all that inferior. They look great when they're on or off, and they haven't given me much grief (I've had them for about six months). I've only had two problems, both of which could have happened to any other set of fog lamps.

I noticed the first problem as I was walking out to my car from the grocery store--the double-sided tape on the right side lamp had failed and the unit was dangling freely by it's wiring. Whatever--I bought a tube of super glue and FUSED the suckers on there. The other minor problem is the LED on the tip of the switch: it doesn't light up (who cares?). Nobody knows the difference between my fog lights and the true import street tuner's, and I saved at least $50.

Here I have only a couple of suggestions. I think I put my lights in the best spot as far as aesthetics. You'll have to cut away some of the black plastic trim underneath the bumper to get them to fit. Don't worry, it is easy to cut through with a small saw or with wire cutters, and it serves no useful purpose anyway. In mounting the switch, I used the blank panel next to the power mirror control. It pops right out with a flat blade screwdriver, and it is a good size and shape to fit a rocker switch to. You may not have to worry about this if you get more expensive lights...the ones I saw came with surface mount switches that looked pretty cool (but of course I didn't think they were worth the money =).