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Tinted Running Lights & Painted Bumpers

Since clear corners aren't available for 3rd generation Accords, it's stay stock or go darker. Specialized paint is available for darkening the lenses. I found a small spray can (it was more than enough) of "Niteshades" at a local performance shop for about $10.

To get the taillights out, just pop out the plastic panels inside the trunk and undo the four nuts that hold the main units on. The secondary units in the trunklid take a little more work (a few screws and a couple nuts each), but altogether the process shouldn't take more than a few minutes. The plastic trim pieces and the turn signal lamps on the front are all easily removed as well with a few turns of a phillips screwdriver. The front running lights are a bit trickier. You must pop up the headlights and remove the black trim piece surrounding them to gain access to the two screws that hold each running lamp assembly on.

Once all the pieces are off the car, wash them and buff them if necessary, and once they're dry, mask off the rubber seals. Like any spray paint, this stuff should go on in several light coats to prevent running. I used three or four coats because I didn't want them too dark. Be careful how much you use! I didn't intend for mine to come out as dark as they did--indoors and up-close, the paint didn't look very dark, but on the car it looks darker. You may notice that the taillights don't look tinted in the picture. You're right...they don't look tinted in the picture! They look almost black from a distance, however. See what I mean? Lighting conditions can be deceptive.

One other word of caution: it says on the can "FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY". This means that darkening your lights is technically "illegal". The cops haven't bothered me about it yet, probably because mine aren't dark enough to significantly affect their visibility.

Notice, also, that in these pictures, my bumpers may look a lot blacker than yours. They very well may be because I took a can of flat black Krylon to them. Nothing to it, really--just mask off everything above and below the faded black strip, clean it with rubbing alcohol or Windex or something, and put on a few light coats in a protected area (such as a garage). Again, be careful with the thickness. The picture doesn't show it, but in front of the right wheel, I put it on too thick and it sortof "dimpled". I need to go out and fix that sometime...

The black strips on the doors tend to fade along with the bumpers, and I'm not sure what to do about them. I'm afraid to apply the spray paint to rubber. I've heard that rubbing Armor All into them real good gets them black again, but I've had no such luck. If you're brave enough to try paint and it works, tell me about it, I'd love to get those strips a bit blacker.