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Last update: 4/2/01

KITT is a 1986 Accord LX that came to me completely stock with about 138K miles logged on the odo, but now it's pretty nice with 186K.

How to: Wheels
How to: Fog lights
How to: Tinted Lights
How to: Security
Racing Pedals
Dome light
Audio System
How to: Windows

I do not plan to race KITT, and I haven't yet timed it in the quarter mile, but I drove it from 0-60 on flat freeway onramps three times to get an approximate measure of its [dismal] acceleration capability. Below are some official Honda figures.

Engine: 12-valve Single Overhead Cam (SOHC) Inline 4 cylinder with two-barrel carburetor
Power: 98 hp @ 5500 RPM
Torque: 109 lb-ft @ 3500 RPM
0-60 MPH estimated 10.3 seconds new, 12.7 seconds as tested in KITT
Weight 2,421 lbs.