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Pre-Show Coordinator, Riff main character, but has played all 10 complete.

Performing for:

Since 1995

Casts you've been a member of or are still a member of:

The Castle Transylvanians

Transylvanian Nipple Productions - Current

Transexual Misfits - Theater Closed

Castle Transylvanians - Current

Interests outside of Rocky:

My current band D.O.D., hanging out on the Savatage Message Board, collecting cats, reading, writing and watching movies, talking to my friends inline, following Savatage all over the east coast, wreslting, theater, Rocky Horror (of course), Orioles Baseball and being a General Cynic. Everyone go buy Savatages new album Poets and Madmen, it's the best!!!!


Which is more foolish? A child afraid of the dark or the man afraid of the light?

Mike and Sheri

Mike R., his first time playing Eddie

Mike fits into my fat clothes beautifully

Mike and Sheri Check out Mike on the Tribute To Riff Raff Site!

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