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I Split On Your Grave


Date Bait's "I Split on Your Grave" Line Up

Kim Kane ~ Rhythum Guitars, Lead Guitars, Electric Sitar, Keyboards, Back Up Vocals
Brian Horrorwitz ~ Drums, Percussions, Effects, Back Up Vocals
Gutter Boy Baiter ~ Lead Vocals, Back Up Vocals
Jeff Zang ~ Bass, Keyboards, Mellotron, Back Up Vocals
John Stone ~ Lead Guitar, Back Up Vocals
Karl Straub ~ Lead Guitar
Lustina "Animal" Gulledge ~ Back Up Vocals on "Animal Man"

"I Split On Your Grave" has been out of print since 1990. It is an import from France. Vinyl & Lead offers it only on the vinyl LP format. The Compact Disk format can be purchased through TRASH PALACE It is close to impossible to purchase this recording anywhere other than through Vinyl & Lead or TRASH PALACE. Few copies remain. Buy yours Today!

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Date Bait, "I Split On Your Grave", New Rose #198