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Date Bait - Goin' Nowhere Fast!

Italian import! Limited Edition! 200 copies were made. 40 copies were exported to The United States. It consists of various re-releases of Date Bait's earlier material. Recorded by every line-up that ever call itself Date Bait. Also, it includes previously unreleased Date Bait Power Cuts!


Performers include; Kim Kane (lead guitar, rhythum guitar, sitar, organ,vocals), Brian D. Horrorwitz (lead vocals, backing vocals, drums, percussion, tambourine), Dan "Gutterboy" Bader (lead vocals, backing vocals, keyboards), Jeff Zang (bass guitar, backing vocals), Karl Straub (lead guitar, rhythum guitar, backing vocals), John Stone (lead guitar, backing vocals), Thomas Kane (bass guitar), Bidjje Kavanaugh (bass guitar), Dug Hoekstra (drums), Alex "The Zaikesman" Schneider (bass guitar), Jonas Tavela (bass guitar, backing vocals), Cozy Cool (drums, backing vocals), Hairy Heel (drums), Vince Vigliotti (lead guitar).

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