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Cookie Mueller Sounds

Multiple Maniacs

Cookie talks about rioting and making love.

"Excess baggage!"

"You're both horrible and disgusting..."

"You've driven me from my own home!"

Pink Flamingos

Cookie takes a cab ride.

"...Mmm, baloney!"

"Charmed, I'm sure."


"These fuckin' things hurt!"

Female Trouble

"I gotta knife here in my pocketbook and I'm gonna cut you up after class!"

"I should be gettin' a lot..."

"Just 'cause we're pretty..."

"I'm glad I had an abortion."

Lipstick Beauty Salon

"Your face for the world to see!"

Desperate Living

"You lazy bitch!"

Passion Pit

"You are through giving orders..."

"Kiss it!"

"Men are such cunts."


Foot Stomper