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How To Get Rid Of Pimples: The Actual Cure

Have you heard enough? I could tell you more endless depressing tales of people with bad skin but I won't. I'm going to get right to the facts. The cure is simple and it isn't expensive or time consuming. I'm not sellng a product. All the things you'll need are already on your kitchen shelf or at the drug store or health food store.

Through trial and error and a lot of research I've cured myself of acne. I've cured many people who have religiously followed my program. This cure works. This is not a joke.

O.K. Here goes.

If you have bad skin you have a vitamin A and D deficiency. The most readily digestible form of these vitamins are containded in cod liver., halibut liver and shark liver oil. I take cod liver oil, two tablespoons a day. To many people the taste is very disagreeable. If this is the case there are perls (gelatine capsules) of these oils which can be taken. The cod liver oil I take is 2500 I.U.s (International Units) of viamin A and 250 I.U.s of vitamin D per gram. There are water misible pills as well, these are the dry form of the vitamins. I would suggest taking the oil misible form of these vitamins.

There is a caution to be noted when taking vitamin A. There is a toxicity level of this vitamin so don't take more than 50,000 I.Us daily. Research has shown that the body can't utilize more than this anyway.

If you've had bad skin for a number of years, you might have noticed that exposure to the sun tends to clear up the problem. The sun gives you vitamin D. There is a type of cholesterol present in the skin that the sun's ultraviolet rays activate, converting it to vitamin D. The vitamin also aids in the absorption of calcium, which acne sufferers are also deficient in. Don't overdo the sun though, because the tanner and thicker your skin becomes, the less vitamin D your skin absorbs. A deficiency of vitamin D leads to retention of phosphorus in the kidneys and there is a relationship to proper kidney functioning and healthy skin.

Vitamin E is also essential to the cure. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant which means it prevents saturated fatty aids from breaking down and combining with other substances that might become harmful to the body. Vitamin E has the ability to unite with oxygen thus the red blood cells are more fully supplied with pure oxygen that the heart and other organs obviously need. Vitamin E is effective in the prevention of scarring on the body surface and internally. It can be used to prevent calcification of the kidneys.

You should take 200 to 400 I.U.s of vitamin E daily. The B complex vitamins should not be ignored. They help reduce facial oiliness and blackhead formation. B vitamins are the single most important factor for health of the nerves and proper functioning of the nervous system. It is proven that emotional stress and nervousness contribute to acne problems. The best way to get the B complex is Brewer's Yeast. It contains 40% highest quality protein and is an excellent source of most minerals and trace elements. It contains 16 amino acids. Amino acids are the basic units of digested protein.

Many people can't tolerate the taste of Brewer's Yeast, so instead a high potency vitamin B complex pill should be taken. Never take just one or two of the Bs alone, an improper balance of these vitamins is not beneficial.

Zinc gluconate (30 mg. daily), niacin (100 taken twice daily) and cold pressed oil (soy bean, sesame; one tablespoon daily) should be included.

As an adolescent I was always told to stay away from chocolate because it supposedly was bad for the skin. There is some truth in this. Chocolate, spinach and rhubarb inhibit the body's absorption of calcium because they contain an excess of oxalic acid. Oxalic acid can form kidney stones and kidney malfunctioning is always associated with skin problems. Calcium helps to maintain the acid alkali balance of the blood which is important for clear skin.

Avoid constipation, get plenty of sleep and exercise and try for peace of mind. Avoid an excess of animal fats in the diet. Take a natural multi-mineral formula and drink water, preferably mineral water. All of these dietary considerations are not so difficult to follow.

Now that you know what to do for the internal, here's what to do topically.

The most important consideration externally is to maintain a low pH mantle on the skin. Wash with an acid balanced soap as opposed to an alkali one. The pH level should be 4.5 or lower. Without the proper acid mantle the skin is open for all kinds of bacteria and infections. To insure this protection you must rinse your face after every washing with a solution of apple cider vinegar and water, one part apple cider vinegar to four or five parts water.

Everything that you put on your face (if you use foundations, etc.) should be acid instead of alkaline. You can buy little testing papers at the pharmacy called Nitrazine papers. The papers are yellow. If you test your facial products with these and the products turn the papers blue or purple then don't use these products. They are too alaline.

This apple cider vinegar and water solution is an essential part of the cure. You have to do it.

The routine is this: Apply a pure coconut or vitamin E oil on your face. You can also use the cod liver oil if you can stand the smell, then wash your face with hot water and the pH balanced soap, then rinse with water and follow it with the apple cider vinegar and water solution. If you feel that your skin is really too oily omit the first step.

If you follow all the directions I have cited here, the external and internal, you will notice that your skin will begin to clear up in a matter of two weeks. In six weeks your skin may begin to break out again. This is the time when all the toxins are being released. Don't get discouraged at this time, continue the program. The next week your skin will clear up for good. Old scars will even disappear! You must keep it up, don't stop. Whenever I do, I have a recurrence of acne. Do it. It works.

So that's the cure. It hasn't failed for anyone who's followed it. It has changed people's lives. To encapsulate:

Vitamin A and D, always taken together as an oil (cod liver, halibut liver or shark liver, two tablespoons dail, not to exceed four)
A- 5,000 to 15,000 I.U.s daily, taken in a perl
D- 500 to 1,500 I.U.s daily, taken in a perl
B- taken as Brewer's Yeast, three heaping tablespoons daily
B complex in pill form- 20 to 100 mgs. daily for each B
C- 1,000 mgs. daily
E- 200 to 400 I.U.s daily
Zinc- 30 mgs. daily
Niacin- 100 mgs. twice a day (Don't take this if you're taking the Bs as Brewer's Yeast.)
Cold pressed oil- soybean, sesame, 1 tablespoon daily
Avoid chocolate, spiich, rhubarb

Wash with the pH balanced soap, rinse with hot water, followed by the apple cider vinegar solution; use pH balanced products.

So you see this isn't very difficult. This does work. For sure. So do it.