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Cookie Mueller Links

Cookie Mueller Links

Courage, Bread, and Roses: A tribute to Cookie Mueller
Cookie Mueller- Pink Flamingos
The One Percent
Cookie Mueller
Ask Dr. Mueller review
Culture Doctor
Life Among The Alert Of Europe
Cookie Mueller IMDb entry
Subway Riders
Cookie Mueller Memorial Margarita (scroll down)
Underground, USA
Putti's Wedding (scroll to bottom)
You Must- Ten Years After (Nan Goldin)
You Must- Ask Dr. Mueller
Poetry In Motion II
Cookie Mueller Portfolio

John Waters links

John Waters Worship Page
The Pope Of Trash
Two Jealous Perverts
Fine Line's "Pink Flamingos" site
Mich's Divine Sounds
Exercise In Bad Taste
Chip's Divine Sounds
The Crackpot
John Waters in Provincetown
Sunspot- Pecker
Eat Your Makeup
Pecker Ring
Why I Love John Waters
The Home According John Waters
Divine Trash
From Prince To Pope: An Interview With John Waters
John Waters
Delightfully Deviant
Oh No! What a vulgur movie this is!
Divinely John Waters
Baltimore Sun John Waters Archives

Other Dreamlanders Links

The Official Mink Stole Website
Mink Stole Chat Transcript
Cotton Grrl- Mondo Bombshell
Crime is Beauty- A tribute to David Lochary
Rockin' With Edith Massey
We Loved The Egg Lady!
Edie's Crib
Town Without Pity: A Tribute to Susan Lowe

Divine Links

Dark Lady's Divine Shrine
Psychedelic Shack Of Divinity
Poptastic World Of Divine
Divine pics and wavs
Ma Bell's Fabulously Divine Shrine
The Queen Of Cult!
The Filthiest Person Alive
Simply Divine
The Most Beautiful Woman In The World (in Finnish)
Divine Biography
House Of Divine
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