Truth or Dare


A Truth or Dare

I dare you to walk up
to Heather McGee
and hand her a great big
bumble bee.

I dare you to go
to Marissa's place
and shove a cream pie
right into her face.

I dare you to jump out
at Donald Deluth
and try to knock out
his great big front tooth.

I dared Pauly Peplock
all of these things
and he did each one,
but he got the bee stings

and he got the cream face
and he lost a tooth.
Now he's not big on dares,
to tell you the truth.

(C) 1998, Arden Davidson

I am trying to find a publisher or agent
to represent any or all of the stories and poems
in "A Pocketful of Rhymes".
If you know anyone that can help, or have comments,
please e-mail me.Thanks!