The Adventures of Petty Popperkosh


The Adventures of
Petty Popperkosh

Little Petty Popperkosh
went out for an evening stroll.
Then suddenly she came across
a mean and ugly troll.

He asked her what her name was,
then he said it beared repeating,
'cause a troll with his good taste
likes to know who he is eating.

"Petty Popperkosh, what a pretty name",
he said as if to win her.
"Now that we've been introduced,
come here and be my dinner."

"You can't eat me yet!", sweet Petty warned,
"You haven't had your salad.
Here, eat some grass and some nice, green leaves.
Then your dinner will be valid."

So the troll ate the greens and he licked his lips,
quite ready for the main course.
But before he could approach,
Petty shouted with reproach,
"Wait! You have to eat your soup first, of course."

So she poured rainwater in a tulip bulb
and the horrid troll sucked it away.
"Now I'm ready!", he said with a smile.
"I've got no time for one more delay."

"But you can't eat me yet! You can't eat me yet!",
Petty pleaded with tears on her face.
"What now?!", growled the troll with an evil frown.
"Well, first you must say grace."

So the angry troll sighed and closed his eyes
and began to thank God for his food.
Till Petty stuffed lizards in his open mouth
and the troll cried out, "Hey! That was rude!"

But he chewed and he
swallowed the lizards right down,
Then he fell on his side with a moan, wailing
"I'm to full to eat you now.
Petty Popperkosh, go home."

(C) 1998, Arden Davidson

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