Naming Things


Naming Things

I love to give things names.
I think I'll call you Hal.
I'll also call your sweater Fred
and your umbrella, Big Al.

I can't stop naming things.
I name everything I see.
My baseball's name is Sherman
and my bat's named Woe S. Me.

My shoes are Brett and Bart.
My socks are Rick and Rack.
My jeans are Walkin' Willie
and my T-shirt's named Bo Jack.

My eyes are Moose and Juice.
My feet are Stan and Fran.
I name everything I see
and I name everything I can.

When my sis says pass the salt,
I say, "Don't you mean Michelle?"
When my brother wants my jacket,
I say, "Don't you mean Miguel?"

Finally, the other day,
my mother sat me down.
She said, "You must stop naming
everything you see in town."

I promised I would stop it.
Then I named her necklace Bud.
So now I have a new name of my own....


(C) 1998, Arden Davidson

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to represent any or all of the stories and poems
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