The Great Homework Land Rescue Caper


The Great Homework Land
Rescue Caper

There's a place on the other
side of the sun
called Homework Land, and
it's not much fun.
Everyone studies from
morning till night.
There's no time to go skating
or go fly a kite.

There's no time for watching
cartoons on TV.
There's no time for building a
house in a tree.
There's not even time to eat
any ice cream.
And the worst part of all is
there's no time to dream.

Arithmetic, Science and
Grammar and Spelling,
History, Reading, there's
really no telling
if the homework will ever
come to an end.
I feel sorry for kids in
Homework Land.

I've decided that I should
help them escape.
I'll chart out a plan, then I'll
make it take shape.
I'll burn all their papers and
pencils and books;
I'll stash tests in weird places
where nobody looks.

I'll drain out the ink from
each one of their pens.
And I'll throw all their
teachers in lion-filled dens.
I'll chop all their desks up
into firewood,
and erase all the words on
their blackboards for good.

Then I'll rescue the children
who never have fun
from the world on the other
side of the sun.
And Homework Land will no
longer exist.
Then The Village of Chores
will be next on my list.

(C) 1998, Arden Davidson

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