A Nightmare of a Dream Girl


A Nightmare of a Dream Girl

I'm every boy's dream.
I've got beautiful curls
and an angel-like face.
I'm the best of all girls.

I've the prettiest dresses
in the whole darn school
and the best bathing suit
in the whole darn pool.

I've got kissable lips
and a cute little nose.
I've got rosey red cheeks
and impecable toes.

I've the brains of a genius
and the wit of comic,
not to mention my thin little,
tight little stomach.

I'm every boy's dream.
That's why I don't get
why no boy has fallen
in love with me yet.

(It's because they're all jealous of me I bet!)

(C) 1998, Arden Davidson

I am trying to find a publisher or agent
to represent any or all of the stories and poems
in "A Pocketful of Rhymes".
If you know anyone that can help, or have comments,
please e-mail me.Thanks!