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Mary Brown done it theories..

So you think the old crazy lady done it? Email me your total theory on why you think she did, and I will post it.

Remember, a full explination will be needed. Not just "Shes crazy".

Theory 1.)ZMJ(and others) -Mary Brown is controlled by the Witch; maybe she is the witch herself! Mary says that the witch's body is completely covered in hair or fur (like a horse). While Mary is saying all of this, she is wearing long sleeves, and it seems that tufts of hair are sticking out by her wrists. Maybe I imagined this, but several others have noted the same thing. Also, Mary comments that the witch's face is strange looking. LOOK AT MARY'S FACE! Faces don't get much weirder than that. Mary's fence and gate are made of sticks, which are tied together not unlike the stickmen that we see later in the film. On top of all this, Mary tells Heather about the piles of stones in the trees. It is as if Mary is slyly revealing that she is the witch. Also--Mary is the only person (that we know of) to have seen the witch and survived. She is definitely responsible for the murders. All of the theories about Josh, Heather and Mike do not hold water--The murders had to have been executed by either someone with incredible intelligence and strength, or someone with supernatural powers.

Theory 2.)Maiya -I think it was mary brown. she is the only one to claim to have seen the blair witch and lives to tell about it. and she has the fence made of sticks with rags holding it together. and she knew where they were going. the blair witch probably posessed her like she did to rustin parr and used her to kill all three of them.

Theory 3.)Justin -The Witch exists, but cannot perform physical acts on her own. She needs charmed people like Rustin and Mary to do her evil deeds. I believe the 10 year old that was pulled into the river, was actually charmed in. Elly has telepathic powers and can manipulate what people see and how they think.'s picture of the Witch is a black shifting mass. She can assume form, but usually is like a will-o'-wisp without dancing lights.

Mary is charmed as Rustin was. The web site suggests that people under her influence go crazy. Rustin was sane again after the Witch let him go. Mary is the only crazy person intrviewed by the film makers. The sticks tied to cloth in her yard and her knowledge of the Witch and the rock piles are further evidence that she did it.

Why not Heather, Mike, or Josh? Somebody else left the rock piles at the cemetary. Someone else set up the stick symbols in the woods. Someone else knocked over the tent. Heather, Mike, and josh could not have done any of these things.

How did an old woman track the film makers in the woods when they were walking 15 hours per day? The woods themselves were haunted and had a "twilight zone" effect. That is why the film makers could walk for hours in one direction and get no where. That is why the house seemed to materialize out of no where (it was only a few yards away, but Heather and Mike didn't notice it when they set up camp in the light!)

Mary cause Mike to drop his camera and stand in the corner. She also hit Heather from behind, so she could perform the ritualistic sacrifice on her as she did to Josh the night before.

Theory 4.)Dean -I believe it was the townspeople of Burkettsville (perhaps members of some sort of bizarre cult, maybe even revolving around Elly Kedward) who were behind the disappearance of the group. Several facts fact up my theory. First, they interviewed a number of townspeople so it certainly wasn't a secret as to what they were doing. The campers were not harassed their first night in the woods (perhaps giving the townspeople time to plan and set up the numerous "twiggys" and stone piles in the forest). Second, the supposed search for the three began on October 25th (with the first issuing of the APB by local police). Given that Heather, Josh and Mike had made it clear to numerous townspeople that they were going to study the Blair Witch and Josh's car was found on Black Rock Road, the authorities should have had a rough guess of where to begin looking (Rustin Parr's house being on the top of the list). By that time, at least Heather and Mike were still alive and wandering in that area. A determined search party, making a lot of noise would surely have found them. I believe the authorities did not begin "searching until the 26th of October when the state police were called in and then most likely misled the police to search in areas they knew would not contain Heather and Mike. Family members of the missing were generally unimpressed with the local chief of police and with good reason! A cult of townspeople would be able to harass the three film makers 24 hours a day by working in shifts. Further, maybe this is a cult with a long history. A cult such as this could also have been responsible for the death of the search party for Robin Weaver! The five unfortunate men could have been overpowered and killed. Look to the townspeople! My guess is that Mary Brown is their high priestess!

Theory 5.)furby69 -Mary Brown was the most recent person to see the "Blair Witch". Rustin Parr was the person who physically saw the witch 50 years ago. Whoever sees the witch will become her "mental slave". When Rustin was under her control he killed 7 children. When Mary Brown was under her control she killed Josh, Heather, and Mike. When rustin killed the 7 children he had one of the children stand in the corner until the rest of the children died. Mary did this with Mike standing in the corner. She needs to kill 4 more kids. Then she'll be free of the Blair Witch and hung.

Theory 6.)Gerald Cooper -Someone was saying how could mary brown find them when they were walking 15 hours a day. Well, in the movie, dont you remember them finding the same log or whatever it was for the second time?? Just because they were walking 15 hours a day dosent mean it was in one direction. They couldve been going in circles and ending up in the same place where they started from making it easy for the crazy lady who has lived there her whole life to find them easily in the woods.

Theory 7.)The couple(Joe and Claudette)-Mary Brown DIDN'T DO IT! She is an old, decreped lady, and a crazy one at that. We do believe that she may have made those hanging stick figures, but just because she made the bundles does not mean she has the ability or strength to kill anyone. If she did do it, there is no way she could have done it alone, and therefore there would have to be at least one other accomplice.

Theory 8.)Keith - She said that the Blair Witch was covered in thick hair, like a horse. But she herself was wearing a long sleeve shirt and a long dress, she kept her hands covered for the entire interview, and at some point it even looks like you can see hair coming out of from her wrists. She IS the Blair Witch. She stalked the film makers and killed them. She killed Josh first because he knocked over the stone pile. Then she hid in the house and killed Heather, then Mike. She made Mike wait in the corner somehow, probably with some kind of magic or curse.

Theory 9.)Holy73crux -I say the Blair Witch is Mary Brown. There is no need to restate all that other people have pointed out but here are a couple of things to think about. Maybe someone else has said this already, but if you watch Heather's interview with Mary there are several moments where Mary moves at just the right angle so that you can see an uplifted part of the drapery in her window. In this "gap" there appears to be two circular objects. Could they be eyes? Also, I think that the evidence portrayed within the film proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Blair Witch is also the Gunmen in the Grassy Knoll. So the CIA probably hired the Blair Witch to murder certain children in that area because the new too much about the Russians or something.

Theory 10.)Matthew Ignoffo -Mary is either the BW herself, or more likely, she is the BW's "familiar," the one who does the witch's bidding. Familiars are usually in the form of cats, but they can take any form. Parr was probably one of her familiars. His house was most likely built on the foundations of Elly Kedward's house. Since Elly is dead, she is beyond space-time as we know it, so she could transport people backwards in time. This would explain the mysterious disappearances of Josh, Mike, and Heather without a trace. It would also explain how the film and tapes were found buried in the foundations -- as if they had been placed there before the house was built.

Theory 11.)Steve Gibbons -Mary Brown is reliving the legend of the Blair Witch, she looks like a witch, and everyone thinks she's really weird, I think she is the killer!! Remember the entrance to her home? It was a gate made out of TWIGS that were bound together with string, in much the same way as the stick figures hanging from the trees in the woods. She seemed to know a lot about the story behind the Blair witch and described the physical characteristics in great detail.

Theory 12.)Yossip - I think Mary isn't the killer, but that she is under the pressure of the witch. She say the Witch and there is a spell. She's holding the bible in her hand when she talks about the blair witch. Se is scared the BW will do someting to her when Mary speaks about her and the bible is the only thing she can trust in... The Blair Witch uses the bodies of people. First Parr; he had killed children and he was glad he 'was finished'. He had to kill 7 children to be free. I think that he means by that, he isn't immortality anymore. Now he can die. Mary doens't want to kill, but that's why there's still a spell on her. She still hasn't killed 7 children and that's why she's still alive. Because she has the gate of twigs, it shows that the witch is welcome in her house, in her mind. Mary is to old to kill the children, but she warnes them by saying that stuff about the rocks. She hopes that the children will be scared and go home before it's to late. She is a good person, but maybe she is a bit scary because she isn't very pretty. So Josh killed in the name of the Blair Witch. The witch also knew about the children because they talked with Mary. Her warning wasn't to direct, about the stones, otherwise she'd be killed by the witch. The witch can show herself, but maybe then she is weak or something, that's why she uses people. Sorry if my English isn't understandable, but I'm from The Netherlands and I am not that good in English!!