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Corner Theory..



Corner Theory.. *SPOILER* At the final scene of TBWP, Heather runs into Mike standing in the corner. We all know why he is there, but have you looked closely?.

Theory 1.)Peter Dotson-In example one, you can see what apears to be a hand. And what is it holding? I looks like the map to me! Explains alot huh? But whos hand is it????? I would have to say its Mary Brown/BLAIR WITCH MUAHAHA

Theory 2.)Jason Ibarra and Joseph Kotroba-In example two,there apears to be a face. To me it looks like Mary Brown. Also, in circle #3, it seems to be a set of eyes behind Mary. Hmmmmmmm

Theory 3.)Jarrod Zipperer -I have 2 angles on this: Josh has been possesed or commanded by Elly (like Rustin) to kill Mike & Heather. Elly has taken Josh's form and voice to bait and kill the students. The hand? Could be Josh's. The Map? Maybe it's not a map.......... "Mary's" face? Maybe it's an apparition of one of the children. The eyes? Another apparition.

Webmaster-I have enhanced the images in the circles for clearer viewing so you can see what these guys are talking about. GREAT THEORIES GUYS!!

Theory 4.)Michael A. Blatterman -Mikey is peeing in the corner in his first attempt to show lack of fear in this environment. Seems to me that the jig is up. You can't see him but Josh is in the room also. That could be him holding the map. Mikey put his camera down to take a pee. Heather dropped hers when she fell at the bottom of the stairs. Combination of the shock of seeing Josh whom she thought was dead, and the rock on which she hit her head when she fell, killed her!!! How's that for a self fulfilling prophecy? The guys decided to disappear into the woods and from their former lives since things went a little farther than they had planned. Heather's Body was taken by the local rednecks and buried where it won't be found. Sorry, No witch!!! I wonder where those guys are now?

Theory 5.)mc -That is a hammer

Theory 6.)ZMJ -At the end of the film, it seems that Heather is dragged down into the basement against her will. She is screaming the entire way down the stairs (even more screaming than usual). Also, her camera is extremely smooth, way smoother than the black and white camera usually is. Also, the camera seems to be high in the air. While descending the stairs, the camera swoops down at one point to avoid hitting the ceiling. It is as if Heather was floating down the steps or being carried by the Witch!

Theory 7.)Erick Grolemund -Come on...It is so obvious why he is standing in the corner like that...Remember in the movie when they talk about the seven children and how one kid was forced to stand in the corner because the killer did not want to be watched? THAT is why it is so chilling to see Mike in the corner.

Theory 8.)Tony -It's the Bible of Mary's that she was holding in the beginning, and that is her face.

Theory 9.)Furby69 -I only have one thing to say---Mary Brown, in the cellar, with the knife. Good enough for ya?

Theory 10.)BarbaraD -I've been looking at the photo of Mikey and the 3 circles. I can't make anything out of circle #3, but circle #1 looks to me at though there are TWO hands, both fisted and holding onto something that has a square shape and is being held against Mikey's arm (book? bent PVC pipe?)...not sure what causes the bend, but the reason that I think this is that the top hand is parallel to the floor and the bottom hand is perpendicular to the floor. Circle number two contains the face of the owner of the hands, and I believe that it is probably male (maybe Josh) because 1) the person is taller than Mikey and 2) it appears that this person has facial hair. It also looks as though this person is wearing a hood, hat or glasses (can't tell!)

Theory 11.)Clint -If you look just above Mikes right shoulder, it apears there is an arm outstreached and connected to Mikes neck. Could this be Josh holding him up from within the room?

Theory 12.)Paul Peterson -I have thought about this for a LONG time. I have taking in most of the theories on your page. If the Blair Witch is carrying Heather down the stairs, Mike is in the corner, and Josh is by Mike (holding him or strangling him or whatever), THEN WHO BIFFED HEATHER IN THE HEAD AT THE END OF THE STAIRS?!?!?! Seems like good ol' Rusty came back from the dead!

Theory 13.)Peggy -At first I thought that it just might be Josh, until I saw the hand. Maybe it is Josh, but someone had to have helped him. He would have had to have been under either Mary's or Elly's control. The theory about it being both Josh and Mike as dual serial killers also crossed my mind, but they both seem(ed) like such nice guys... The most likely theory...Elly and her gang o' ghosts!

Theory 14.)TSpoon -after Heather gets knocked on the head by whatever or whoever, she falls dropping the camera. Try going frame by frame as the scene blurs (before it hits the ground to the end shot) as she falls. Does anybody see a face ? It takes up most of the screen. It is tilted towards the left as you look at it. The face (?) has the features of Mary Brown. Cheek bones, sunken eyes. Take a look and see if you see what I see. Hope I not paranoid.

theory 15.)bentley - it's obviously the old bag mary in the corner going to wack heather one when she arrives, and it's josh carrying heather down the stairs who is actually possesed by he blair witch, that's why the camera is so smooth coming down the stairs.