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Mick Foley Gallery

Its ok wrestling is fake anyway.

yup that has to be fake.... and if you believe what i just said you are an idiot.

he's that little white thing that just fell 16 ft. and crashed through the table, yes he did get up and finish the match, see...(click to see video)

click the picture to see the video clip of another 14 ft fall, and he still got up. Here is a picture of Mick after his 2 falls. Afterward he had a dislocated shoulder, dislocated jaw, a concussion, and 1 and a half teeth knocked out, one of which went through the roof of his mouth and out his nose, see it?

click for another video, yes he uses this.

video of cactus getting blown up.

cactus wrapped in barbedwire and on tacks.

this is a great video of mick riding a stretcher to the ring.

video of mankind getting the rock bottom through a table.

mick getting powerbombed on thumbtacks

mick getting suplexed on barbedwire and glass

cactus jack elbow drops terry funk off of a ladder.

W*ING is thrown on to barbedwire and glass by cactus jack.

DX break it down with Mankind.

the lighter side of Mr.Foley.

isnt that a great smile?

home more mick foley pics.

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