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Mohamad Said Maani Takrouri

This page is dedicated to the activities I occupy myself with

Links of special value in the web for personal lectures

My Information
Artist impression of the use of anesthetic sponge
Pan-Arab-Anesthesia mailing group
Internet Journal of Health
Ibn al-Nafis
Anesthesia for laparoscopy
CPR in pregnancy
Neonatal resuscitation
Proposal for Pan Arab Resuscitation Council
Initial management of trauma victims
Pan-Arab Resuscitation Council, Mohamed Seraj
Anesthesia & Laproscopy for gastroplasty
Laparoscopy page
Articles on the subject of anesthesia for laparoscopy
Department of Anesthesiology and intensive care at KSU
Me in few words
Anesthesia 1000 years ago
Anesthesia History Mailing list
Intensive Care mailing group of the Middle East
Mailing list of the World Federation of Societies of anesthesia in Middle East and Africa
Morbidity and mortality mailing list in KKUH
Mohamad Takrouri books
CPR Guidelines 2000 Pan Arab Resuscitation Council
Brain protection in ICU

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