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Various Pulp-y Reviews


This is Hardcore 5 out of 5
AIEIEIIEIEEEEEEEE!!!!!! You'll never guess what happened to me this afternoon!!!!!!! Ok...I went in to town on my lunh break to pick up a birthday gift for my neice and some things for the office. the store, I noticed on the board that the Pulp album will be released in the US on MARCH 31!!!!! Being the huge Pulp fan I am, I started gushing about how wonderful it was that it wasn't coming out in April, yadda yadda yadda.. so..the guy at the counter (who is incredibly cute, by the way) says they've got an advanced copy of it - in fact! It's what was playing when I went into the store (no vocals at the time, though so I wasn't paying much attention to it).. so, I GOT TO LISTEN TO THIS IS HARDCORE!!!!!!!! 2 & 1/2 WEEKS BEFORE ITS RELEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only listened to about 2 minutes of each song cause I was pressed for time, but it is AMAZING!!!! It's their best album yet...right up there with Separations. There's not a Common People or a Do You Remember the First Time in the batch... there are however, a few I Spy's, Pencil Skirt's, Love Is Blind's and other such like gems...... amazing is a complete understatement, even!!! It's like when I saw Radiohead for the very first time - when it was over my friend Karen and I turned to each other and all we could say about the show was "WOW!!" Well...This Is Hardcore gave me the same feeling... definitely my pick for best album of the year (so far, anyway...who knows what the rest of 1998 will hold---see..I remember when I first heard Blur, I thought it would easily make my Top 10 Albums of 1997...then Radiohead happened...and the Verve happened.. and Sloan happened.. and Catherine Wheel happened... then etc etc etc... anyway..when March 31st rolls around (30th for you Brits out there), I suggest you RUSH to your local and BUY IT!!!!!! Hell..even the guy behind the counter likes it...and he quote I'm not in to Pulp much endquote. After being able to listen to this album in its entirety, I had the following to say about it: you'll be moved beyond belief.. it is the best thing they've ever done.. no candy coating with bubblegummy keyboards on this baby... pure moods.. wonderful perfect moods.. it's a very sexy album.. and well.. Jarvis and sex certainly DO go well together!!!![note: TiH ended up being my 2nd favourite release of 1998--#1 goes to R.E.M.'s Up]

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