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Are you a PULP ADDICT? This quiz will let you know..


1) Answer each of the questions yes or no
2) Add up the total number of yes answers; this is your Pulp addict number
3) The higher the number, the higher your addict number
4) If you want, send your addict number to the email address at the bottom of this page and I'll put up a "hall of fame" of sorts

  Do you own all of the albums?
  Any single(s)/other imports?
  Purchased one or more interview discs?
  Ever bought something simply out of Pulp allegiance?
  Purchased an album just because a band member likes/recommended it?
  Purchased or read a book just because a band member likes/recommended it?
  Ever studied film just because Jarvis did?
  Own more than three versions of any given single?
  Own more than one version of any given album?
  Bought a compilation album for a single Pulp track (i.e. Great Expectations), even if you already had it?
  Have you met a member of Pulp?
  Are you a member of the fan club?
  Have you ever surfed the web for Pulp info/pics? you do so on a regular basis (weekly)?
  Know each member's full name?
  Own any Pulp bootlegs (CD/tape/video)?
  Have your own Pulp webpage?
  Have you seen a Pulp video?
  Have you seen and can you describe/list, at any time, every Pulp video ever made?
  Have you ever requested a Pulp song from Countdown to your radio station?
  ....And been told to quit calling because they don't have a clue what you're saying?
  Not taken your Pulp cd(s) out of the player for more than a month at a time?
  Do you make your own or have any Pulp tv appearance compilation tapes?
  Know Pulp's birthplaces and birth dates?
  ....and do you celebrate them?
  Dressed, on purpose, like a member of Pulp? (This takes courage to admit)
  If you are female, have you ever worn a plastic ring? If you are male, have you ever worn thick glasses even though you have perfect vision?
  Taken interest in a person because they look/dress like a member of Pulp?
  Sent Pulp gifts through the fan club or their management?
  Are a member of any Pulp mailing list?
  Frequently quote Pulp and/or their songs?
  Do you hate Michael Jackson?
  Can you name all of Pulp's former members?
  ...In chronological order?
  Have you ever named a pet after a member of Pulp?
  Read or purchased a Pulp book?
  Purchased a magazine for a Pulp article, no matter how insignificant?
  Back ordered a magazine for an older Pulp piece?
  Have a collection (i.e. more than ten) magazines with Pulp features?
  Written to magazines or radio/tv networks complaining about their lack of Pulp?
  Considered naming your child after a member of Pulp?
  Had an argument on/determining your level of fanaticism?
  Attempted or succeeded in converting others to the world of Pulp obsession?
  Know who/what exactly Arabacus Pulp means?(and its Radiohead significance)
  Seen Pulp live?
  ...more than once?
  Ever waited in line for more than five hours at any one of these?
  Attempted to befriend the roadies in an effort to get backstage?
  Travelled a great distance/made a sacrifice to see the band?
  Did you mourn Russell's departure from Pulp ?
  Did you write a desperate letter pleading for Russell to return?
  ...and have received a response?
  Can you list any/all of their pre-Pulp jobs/bands?
  Know which member(s) have children?
  Have actually heard "Ciao!"?   Bought a Pulp t-shirt?
  Know each member's favorite food?
  Can list the tracks, in order, on every album?
  Know which types of keyboards Candida uses?
  Have you claimed to like the name Candida and then have people tell you a medical term vaguely related to the name?
  Know which bass Steve plays?
  Have, in any form, a Pulp "shrine"?
  Are violently excited any time you hear a Pulp song?
  Listen to Pulp daily?
  Ever purchased a Pulp promo?
  Sing Pulp songs spontaneously?
  Did you go to the Tibet concert just for Pulp?
  Are now an expert on film production?
  Can easily explain the inspiration behind each album?
  Had Pulp member theme days?
  Ever listened to each Pulp album/single you own, in one day?
  Dreamt about Pulp?
  Ever had someone ask you to please stop talking about Pulp?
  Do people know you as "that guy/girl who's into Jarvis Cocker"?
  Do you feel Pulp are somewhat like friends of yours?
  ... or that you must/will seduce a member of Pulp?
  Know how many pairs of sunglasses Russell owns?
  Know how far Jarvis fell out of a window?
  ... and how long he was incapacitated?
  Know what the first film the original members of Pulp made was called?
  Know how Mark joined the band?
  Know which female artist scares Nick?
  Have uou sent your picture to the so-called "Pulp Modeling Agency"?
  Can list every members favourite country toured?   Know who the third Spartan was?
  ...and how this relates to Pulp?
  Know what the band's official synthetic material is?
  Know which member of the band paints his nails brown?
  Have you paid a ridiculously high price for an early Pulp tape?
  ...And liked it?
  Do you know which Different Class single caused controversy due to drugs?
  Know ALL the instruments that Jarvis plays?
  Know the title of the painting in the "Help the Aged" single?
  Know the CORRECT lyrics to ALL their songs?
  ...WITHOUT reading the lyrics sheet?
  Do you obey the request not to read the lyrics whilst listening?
  Know Nick's eye colour?
  Own a copy of a set list from a Pulp show?
  Will tell anyone that will listen, all you know about Pulp?
  Have forced your friends to listen to Pulp (even when they don't like them)?

This test was created by the fabulous Julia way back when and submitted to a Blur mailing list. She got the idea from a Blur test and Pulpified it.. YAY JULIA!