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Thanks for stopping by our web page!

Here is some info on what we are and what we do…

Radio NOVA is the first independent radio station broadcasting since May 1994 in the FM band 105.9MHz in stereo.

We are covering mainly the territory of Chisinau (capital city of Moldova, population 750 thousand people).

Radio NOVA is a musical station, broadcasting mainly music and specialized programs, 24 hours a day.

Here are 2 jingles in WAV format (16 bit, mono, 11kHz, ADPCM):

Our main daily and weekly programs:

Moldova Top International – weekly top 50 of the most wanted music broadcasted by our station. This top is compiled according to our listeners’ preferences, and is posted here, on our home page;

Slow Blues Top – weekly top 20 of most wanted ballads;

Show Biz Express – daily program about latest music news, new releases etc.;

daily news;

daily horoscope;

video-ascensor – weekly program about Movies, Actors & Video;

Rock’n’Roll Dreams – weekly program about historical rock’n’roll bands;

Country Music – weekly program about country music;

Words... – weekly learning & translation of the lyrics of most wanted songs;

and others…