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Whitie's MU*

      This page mostly consists of the webpages of furry MU*s, but there are some other themed MU*s here too! If you have any additional MU*s you'd like to see on here, email me!

TwoMoonsMUSH- This is a very good MU* based on the comic series ElfQuest by Wendy and Richard Pini. You should be familiar with the ElfQuest series before joining to this MUSH.

FurryMUCK- The first furry MU*. Great place, lots of furs, very popular :)

SPRMUCK- A nice furry themed muck. Its like FurryMUCK, only not :P

FluffMUCK- An easy MUCK to get into, just fill out the online application and *poof* inna few hours, you'll have your own char there! Lots of neat commands on that muck :)

RedwallMUCK- This MUCK is based off the novels of Brian Jacques. Its a good idea to read one or two of the Redwall novels before you join this muck.

ArcticThunderMUCK- The new Balto-themed MUCK!!! It's still heavily under construction though. It should be open for business within a few weeks though, hold tight Balto-fans :)

TerraFroreMUCK- Another themed MUCK that takes place on the Arctic tundras of Siberia. Neat MUCK, all nonmorphic animals, no morphs or humans. Russian names are preffered.

NimhMUCK- This one is based off The Secret of NIMH movie and books. Go and check it out :)

DreamCatchersMUCK- A very new muck. All chars must be nonmorphic animals, oh, just go see the homepage, alright? okie.

TrimereMUCK- Also a very new muck. Furry and medievel themed, it just needs more players. Go check it out!