The Persian Wars

The HTML text provided here originally came from the ASCII format provided at gopher:// Since the original Internet text was not indexed, I added the paragraph index marker system which was used in The Modern Library edition of Rawlinson's text, published under the title of The Persian Wars by Herodotus, 1942. Hopefully they represent a standard notation for referencing the text. In addition, at each visible paragraph marker there is also a HTML link, which will aid in cross referencing the text.

The Internet ASCII source was a translation of Herodotus by George Rawlinson. The Modern Library version is very similiar, but it reflects editor updates.

The HTML text is available either as a Zipped collection of 10 files, or it can be accessed using a standard WEB browser.

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Book 1 - CLIO (247k)
Book 2 - EUTERPE (204k)
Book 3 - THALIA (181k)
Book 4 - MELPOMENE (190k)
Book 5 - TERPSICHORE (132k)
Book 6 - ERATO (141k)
Book 7 - POLYMNIA (236k)
Book 8 - URANIA (146k)
Book 9 - CALLIOPE (137k)

Since I have only provided an index and some minor formatting to a text which exists on the Internet, I do not feel it right to impose any copyright restrictions due to my changes. As far as I know, the ASCII text is provided as public domain information, and so the HTML text is the same. However, if you are considering commercial use of the ASCII or HTML versions, you should contact the text provider, listed at the site above.