Aurel Vlaicu was born in November 19, 1882 in Bintinti outside Orastie city (Hunedoara county), died in September 13, 1913 close to Ploiesti during a flight with his own airplane Vlaicu II over Carpathian mountains. He finished the high school in Orastie,  named  "Liceul teoretic Aurel Vlaicu" after him in 1919 and took the Baccalaureate at Sibiu in 1902. Further his engineering studies at the Munchen University in Germany earning his engineer diploma in 1907. After working as an engineer at Opel in Russelheim he returns at Orastie and begins the construction of his first airplane Vlaicu I. The airplane extremely well build, stabile and very maneuverable won him several prizes in international contest abroad in the company of other aviatic pioneers from that time like Rolland Garos. In 1912 he wins 2  memorable  prizes at Aspern, Austria.