Who s the National Academy of Television journalists
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Who s the National Academy of Television journalists

The National Academy of Television Journalists was founded in June of 1985 in Atlanta, Georgia by a group of news executives from around the country. At that time, it was decided that the industry needed an organization whose sole purpose would be working with newly graduated J-School students to assist them as they entered the real world of television news. This practice continued successfully for many years and today many of those students are successful anchors, reporters, producers, photographers, etc., making a proud name for themselves in our industry.

Approximately three years ago, it was decided by the board of Directors of the Academy to start a program that would honor those in our industry for excellence. In 1987 the Viddy had been incorporated, but never put into the Academy as anything more than a logo. It was then that the word 'Golden' was added to the Viddy, and the new award was born. The board further decided that the Golden Viddy would not only honor the receiver, but would be given in honor of the members of the media who had given their lives while performing their duty both home and abroad.

Now we have completed Twelve years, and look forward to our Third Annual Golden Viddy Awards which will be held in 1998. We are proud of our statue, and very proud of all the recipients who have shared our stage with us.

Membership to the Academy is open only to Professional news personnel.(See our Membership info link at the bottom of this page.)... Our offices are open daily from 9am to 5pm. We are there to aid our membership as well as journalists who need help, would like to express opinions, or just make suggestions to our Home Page. We hope to hear from you, and look forward to being a part of your career...

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