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Blue's Review- Tori at the MCI Center (8/8)

All I can think to say is WOW! This whole experience is just like a dream to me, so I'll start from the beginning...

I arrived at the MCI Center at 12:30pm, to find a small group of about twenty or so people waiting at the press entrance. We wanted to be orederly, so we wrote numbers on our hands, but that idea soon went down the drain. I met some of the neatest pople, most of whom being Purple People that I've talked to since forever, others being kindred spirits I hadn't met yet.... We all crammed the barricade, waited for 3 plus hours, and just when it was too much to take....


She was gorgeous, as usual, wearing the same black shirt and leather skirt from Conan O'Brien, not to mention the nifty boots :) She looked kind of tired, but she smiled and spoke to her fans anyways, giving autographs and hugs to all who needed them... When it was time for her to get to me, she smiled and made a squished face at my boyfriend, who was in total awe of her, and said "hi" and waved to him... It was so cute! When she got to me, she signed my promo poster, took my poetry book, and spoke to me for a moment... I asked her if she was feeling better, because any of us that saw her on Conan noticed her scratchy voice... she said "I'm getting there, dear" then smiled and went on to the next fan...

Any fears I had concerning the concert vanished as she opened with "Precious Things" *my personal favorite*... The electricity was so amazing, and it was electric, with the air tingling with the bass, I just wanted to be lost in the sound... I was a puddle of tears by the end of the song, it was just magic! Then she went on to do more of my favorites, and songs she doesn't usually perform, like Northern Lad and Sugar... but oh my god... She sat down next to the piano, crossed her legs...and I knew what was next... ME AND A GUN! For all I know this is the first time she's done this song since RAINN, and it touched me to the quick.... she did many more wonderful songs, including Raspberry Swirl, where the crowd could not stop dancing it was sooo great!!!

And much to my Joe's delight, she did SHE'S YOUR COCAINE as the first encore! It was so brazen, so TORI! She was all hips and blues, and at the end she gave head to the microphone!!! It was so racey and great! :) Not to mention, her finishing song... CRUCIFY! ahhh it was wonderful!!! That's all I can muster out before I go collapse in bliss :) So..check out the set list :)



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