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Welcome all, to the world of the unexplained.

We are a small group of people who investigate hauntings in Maryland and occassionally other areas of the mid atlantic region...Want Ghostbusting? Watch the movie. That is nothing close as to what can be expected, our investigations pale in comparision. Sorry no Hollywood budget or Hollywood imagination for us, we are normal people.

A little bit about ourselves....right now the group is not active. Four of the group are psychic investigators, otherwise known to alot of people as sensitives.. The group includes Nancy, Denise, Chris, and Marc...Our abilities vary, but our main goal is to be able to assist the owners to understand what is going on around them and to let them know that they are not going crazy..

We like to do our investigating mainly at night, when everything is active the most.. The method of our investigations on site is for the sensitives to do a thurough walk thru of the structure and or grounds of site in question. Then we assest what we have picked up in the different rooms or areas. We determine where to use our equipment, and what areas are the most active, then continue with a more indepth investigation. Once we are satisfied with our findings we then sit down with the owners and discuss what we have found and answer any questions that they might have..The amount of time for an investigation varies, some can take as little as a few hours and some need to be done overnight. We do not charge for our services, everyone does this strictly on volunteer bases, and all expenses are out of pocket. If you wish to make a donation to assist with our personal funding then it would be very graciously appreciated.

Equipment that we use is small, nothing like you see on the movies. We generally use cameras, audio recorders, digital thermometer, and occassional video recorders. These are all used for the attempt to be able to catch a visual or audio of whomever or whatever is active at the investigation site.

If you are having problems with things that go bump in the night, paranormal occurances, see or hear unnormal things. For investigation request, search for your area.

We are a small group and are not considering adding any new members. My email is listed at the bottom, if you would just like to ask a few questions you can contact me. Maryland Paranormal Investigators copywrite by Nancy Brandon, Stories, Photos, copywrite by Nancy Brandon n Marc Mazor.. For proper links check listing below.