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MEDTEXTS:Virtual Medical Bookstore

MEDTEXTS is putting out titles (by author and advocate H.Ramlall) that should interest medical,nursing and other allied health science students,as well as international medical graduates/doctors,who are preparing for medical licensure examinations such as the USMLE of the USA and the Evaluating Examination/the Qualifying Examination Parts 1 & 2, of Canada,as well as the OSCE of Ontario,etc.Click on the below link to preview abstracts/excerpts of these books.These books are kept current with updates each year.If you are interested in obtaining any of the below titles,kindly mail the correct amount plus $3 Shipping cost,(for prompt service and quick delivery) in the form of a money order with requests to:
Hem Ramlall,BA.MD.DOHS.,
4453 Kingston Road,Unit 501,
M1E 2N7

BOOKS for Exam Preparation: ( USMLE Steps 1,2,3/the CSA of the United States & the Evaluating Examination/Qualifying Examinations,Part 1 and Part 2/as well as the OSCE of CANADA.

Brief Description of Above Books.