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Little Flute



I have seen the path of my ancestors, and I follow dancing...

My honored traveler...

I will draw thorns from your feet.
We will walk the White Path of Life together.
Like a brother (and sister) of my own blood,
I will love you.
I will wipe tears from your eyes.
When you are sad,
I will put your aching heart to rest.

Tsi lu gi (Welcome)! My name is Little Flute. I am Ani'Yunwiya (Tsalagi or Cherokee). This page is dedicated to my heritage, and I hope in some small way it will show you the pride I feel. Please, first read the page dedication, as it explains the reasons for this page and names those to whom this page honors especially. I invite you then, brothers and sisters in spirit, to travel this page, speak at my fire, and open your heart to the love of the Ancestors and the Great Spirit, who is Father of us all...

No one can understand history unless he reads it - not from the pages of the books the government approves, but from the eyes and ears and mouths of those who lived it. This is the glory of remembering. This is love...

Over the ages, much has been done to try to suppress the Native Americans, their beliefs, their culture. And still they live on. Ask anyone and they will tell you this is because they have not forgotten the Old Ways. Perhaps no longer are these Ways practiced as they once were, but their meaning lives on in the hearts of a people that respect the spirit of the past and a soul of pride. These words are a reflection of that spirit, that pride. Written with care and whispers of the past, the poems and short stories in the following sections are windows into the lives a people whose strength and courage will always be remembered...

My people.




First World
The First World was one of creation. New was everything the Creator brought forth. This was the time of introduction - of Mother Earth, of the Spirits, of Brother Animal, and of Man. This section containes poetry and short stories of creation, nature, and times of First Man.

Second World
The Second World was one of growth. Man ruled the world, but the world ruled Man. As he struggled to survive and learn to understand his surroundings, Man learned to understand himself. This section contains poetry and short stories of Man, human nature, and survival.

Third World
We live in the Third World. It began so many years ago when something was discovered that changed the worlds as nothing had before - love. Love became the driving force behind all that Man did, whether it love of life, love of the Creator and Mother Earth, or love of the greatest gift the Father gave us, one another. This section contains poetry and short stories of that which makes us




The worlds overlap - always have, always will. Life is a circle with no beginning and no end, the worlds a spiral within that circle. Each day, a person is remade, struggles with survival, and searches for love. The past is the future, and the saying "Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it" holds little truth. We always repeat the past in some way or another. And if one day we all repeat the past of the Honored Ones, perhaps the future will not be such a bad thing to look forward to.

To understand is often a complicated thing to do. But perhaps, through this narrative (not written by me, but could have been about me) you will be able to see, to learn, to understand...

The Song of the Wolf

Welcome to my fire, sit and speak your heart.
Hear the wisdom of visitors past.

Do na da go hv i

My honored friend...

May the warm winds of Heaven
Blow softly on your home,
May The Great Spirit
Bless all who enter there.
May your mocassins
Make happy tracks
In many snows,
And may the rainbow
Always touch your shoulder.

Little Flute wishes you a fair day with cool breezes and whispers of sweet dreams.

Native American


Yunsai (White Buffalo) Society acolyte

Copyright 2000 Kim "Little Flute" Grier

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