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The system of education of the Nation of the Gods (men) and Earth’s (woman), formally known as "The Five Percent", Us based upon the teachings of One-hundred and twenty degree’s of life, as it is constructively applied and related to the "Supreme Mathematics" and the "Supreme Alphabets". To negate the erroneous opinions held by many that One-hundred and twenty degree’s is merely a collection of assumed theories and fictionalize data, it is necessary that we become acquainted with various histories and sciences from which certain facts can be obtained to help demonstrate the factualness, accuracy and truthfulness of One-hundred and twenty degree’s. Contrary to the assumptions of some, history and science as fields of knowledge do not exist outside of One hundred and twenty degree’s, but instead are mere extensions and out growth of it, in that they simply represent the recordings, operations, and life activities of the Blackman’s intelligence as manifested through out history, so although most of the history and scientific accounts written and recorded have been intentionally distorted and falsified we are still able to recognize and extract whatever truths are present because we are the ones who originated it and gave birth to its being.

By knowing self one realize that as it was with the Blackman, so is it now. Therefore, we are capable of determining those things that came foul us or that were a product of our building from that that weren’t. In other words, distinguishing between those that are true about us from those things that are false. One of the things that fall into this latter category are the names "Africa and African", which are terms that has been falsely labeled upon the Blackman and one of his many areas of habitation. To support that the names Africa and African are not his own generic identification, but were applied to him under false pretensions and circumstances by the europeans, we will enlist the aid of history to shed some light on this matter. The name or mass of land presently called Africa that is located between the Atlantic ocean on the West and the Arabian peninsula on the East, with the Mediterranean sea and the Indian ocean forming its North and South boarders respectively was not always referred to by this name.

The name Africa which is thought to be derived from the Latin word Aprica meaning: Sunning, and the Greek word Aphrike meaning: Without cold, was first applied to the Northern region of this land by the Romans after their defeat of Hannibal during the Punic wars (264 - 146 b.c.). It is generally held that Africa received its name from a Roman general who name was Scipio Africanus Major, who was responsible for the defeat of Carthage, and who because of this feat honored with having a county named after him. According to Colliers Encyclopedia, it states that after the defeat of Hannibal and his homeland (Carthage) by the Roman army, the central Carthaginia settlement were recognized into the Roman province of "Ifrikia", from which the whole continent was ultimately to take its name. The province, which was called Ifrikia, was located in a small Northeast region of the continent and existed in the approximate vicinity of what is now modern day Tunisia. Thus far, the key points to keep in mind are:

  1. Prior to about 300 b.c., Africa was not called by that name;
  2. It was the Roman’s who first used that name in connection with this land mass;
  3. The name Africa initially only referred to a small piece of territory that was under Roman rule and control.

The use of the name Africa as applied to this entire land mass or continent was derived from the Arabs, who during the approximate time of the prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah, over ran the continent and conquered the former Raman colonies in North Africa. Upon the capture of these settlements by the Arabs, they also adopted the use of the Roman name Ifrikia to refer to these colonies that were now under their rule and control. In the Arabic language, the word Ifrikia under went a change and became "Ifriqiyah" and in time the term Ifriqiyah was extended to include the whole continent, and this practice was picked up by the european explorers who entered the land several centuries later, calling it by the same name that they had learned from the Arabs. In the English dialect the term Ifriqiyah became "Ifrica" and it is the name that has been used for this land area from that time up until the present day.

It should be evidence from the above that the name Africa is one that is fairly new and is a name that was attached to the Blackman and woman and a part of their homeland by a people other than their own. So now we ask, what has been one of the effects produced through the erroneous labeling of the Blackman and woman as African and their land as Africa?



The answer to this question is that the primary effect of this erroneous labeling by the europeans and Arabs has been to successfully isolate and detach the Blackman from a much larger world context and view, wherein he has suffered in his ability to relate and identify with his extended family who are located on other parts of the planet Earth besides so-called Africa. He has been made blind to the fact that the Blackman who have lived and existed in so-called Africa along with the advanced societies and civilizations that they produced only represent a small fraction of the numerous other Black people who inhabit this planet and who also in other geographical areas have made out-standing achievements of their own. In short the Blackman mental vision and perspective has been kept confined and limited to areas solely between the boundaries of so-called Africa, and as a result he has lived blindly with the belief and misconception that his history exceeds no further than this location. It is our intention through the manifestations of teachings to emphasize the universality of the Blackman, by impressing upon all the full extend to which the Blackman has dispersed himself to all corners of the Earth, dating back from time immemorial, from Mexico to China, from Alaska to England, from India to Australia, the Blackman was existing and building civilizations in these places thousand of years ago and many of these areas had already been lived in and abandoned by him at the time that the europeans first made their appearance on the planet Earth. In Mexico, you had the Olmec Indians, whose original Black features are undisputed, more so, because there have been giant stone heads found that were carved by these people and which portray them with the characteristics and distinguishing thick lips and broad nose of the Blackman. One of those stone heads measuring 6 ft. high and 18 ft. in circumference was nicknamed "Joe Louis" by one of the archeologists, who found it, because the head gear and features of the statue reminded him of the eminent Black boxer. The presence of the Blackman in China during ancient times has been adequately established by such noted historians as J.A. Rogers, in his book "Sex and Race", volume one, page 67, he quotes the words of H. Imbert, a French anthropologist, who lived in the Far East and who says, the Negroid races peopled at sometime all the South of India and Indo-China. The South of Indo-China actually has now pre-negritos, as the Semangs and mixed as the Malays, and the Sakias. In fact the first epochs of Chinese history, the negrito type peopled all the South of this country and even in the islands of Haihan as we have attempted to prove in our study of the negrito type or Blackman of this island. Skulls of these Negroes have been found in the islands of Livkiv to the South of Japan. In the earliest Chinese history several texts in classical books spoke of these diminutive Blacks. Thus, the Tcheu-Li composed under the dynasty of Tcheu (1122 - 249 B.C.) gives a description of the inhabitants with Black and oily skin. The Blackman had even settled in regions as far North as Alaska and Greenland, which are areas usefully associated with a much colder climate, a fact that tends to dispel the popular myth that the Blackman lost his pigmentation and became white skinned only because he had lived in this cold climate for a prolonged number of years....A noted author, Cheik Anta Diop, in his book " TV e African Origin of Civilization - Myth or Reality", says in the l9th century Bory DeSaint Vincent described the Eskimos, same of wham were almost as Black as the Blackest Africans, despite the latitude. Whatever the reason, both sexes more tanned than people in europe and Central Asia, darker than any other American, are even Blacker the farther one goes. An additional proof that it is not, as generally believed that it is the heat of the Sun that causes Black skin color in certain inter-tropical regions, it is not rear to find Eskimos, Greenlanders and Samayeds at 70° degrees latitude, who darker than Hottentots at the opposite extreme of the old continent, are almost as Black as Wolofs or Kaffirs on the equator, it was partly because of the above stated circumstances why the europeans found it necessary to fabricate the myth of a land called Africa and people called Africans. He was eager to prevent the Blacks from recognizing his true origin and roots in this world which he secretly knew extended over the entire globe and dated back into far distant past. By creating divisions within the family of the original people that were based upon such trivial factors as geographical boundaries and locations he was triumphant in producing a mass state of separation and alienation amongst them. Also by signaling out certain customs and life styles that were common to Blacks who lived together in one area, and which were generally unknown to or not practiced by Blacks who lived in other areas, he was able to further increase the gaps and divisions that he artificially created. Because the Black people called Sumerians used a form of writing and other Black people like the Drividians of India, or the Sabeans of South Arabia didn’t, he used this as a criteria for proclaiming that they were a different people. The fact is that the Blackman, who can truly and accurately claim the entire Earth as his native home land is not an "African", but more precisely is "Asiatic". The root word in Asiatic is Asia, and when used in its correct context does not merely refer to the continent commonly called by that name today, but is extended to include not only the land area of Europe and Africa, but also all of the surface land area that is inhabited by the Blackman. Most geographers and map makers generally regard Europe and Asia together as one whole continent, Europe being the most Western part of Asia, is considered to be a part of it. This entire land area is sometimes referred to as "Eurasia". The following account of this circumstance is given in the book "Principles of Geography" by Johnson E. Fairchild: Because the countries of Europe are different in many ways from those of Asia, Europe is a Westward extenuation of Asia; it is part of the same land mass, therefore, it is better for us to considered that the two areas make up one continent, Eurasia" Another fact that is not commonly known is that Africa, instead of being a land area or continent that is separate or distinct from Asia, is actually considered by most geographers and geologist to be a part of it. In the same book, it goes on to say in support of this fact that North and South America and Eurasia and Africa are not actually separate, but they touch only at points that are very small compared to the size of the continents. Some geographers take the view that because Africa is connected to the Eurasian land at the Isthmus of the Suez, all of this land forms one great continent. Eurasia and Africa, they say, are not separated by the Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean region is simply a connecting zone between two parts of the land mass. Asia from the not so obvious fact that so called Africa is in reality a physical part of Asia, and that it merely represents its Southern portion, is the fact that the people who lived in these areas in ancient times were physically identical to each other, in that they were original people, and that furthermore, there was a continuous stream of inter-relationships and inter-activities going on between them. To quote again from the book "Principles of Geography", it states in regards to this that Afro-Eurasia has about 2/3 of the land area and 9/lOth of the people of the entire world. Ah ere have always been close connection between the people of the regions of Eurasia and Africa that surrounded the Mediterranean Sea. There is an abundance of evidence to show that first, all of the people who lived in these regions were Black, and second, that there was frequent and steady communications between them. According to Herodotus, a Greek historian, who lived during the 5th century b.c., and whom the Europeans regards as the Father of history, all the people of the following areas were what he called the Ethiopians, by which he meant Black:


It should be noted that the name "Ethiopio" comes from the Greeks, they called the dark skinned people of Africa and Asia the burnt faces, the Greek word for "burnt" was "Ethics" and the word for "face" was "Ops", so the words Ethics plus Ops equals "Ethiopian". Proof of the Egyptians blackness is showed in the book "Introduction to African Civilization", by John C. Jackson, where he says: It may be of interest to the reader to know that the ancient Egyptians did not call themselves Egyptians. The name was invented by the first Greek visitors to Egypt, in the 7th century b.c., who were Greatly impressed by the Temple of Utah, at Memphis, they regarded it as the grandest structure in the Nile Valley, and they afterward referred to this ancient land as "Hekeptah", in the Greek language, Hekeptah became "Aigyptus" and under the Roman rule the name was latinized into "Aegyptus", from where we get the name Egypt."

The ancient inhabitant of this African land called their country Khem, or Nam, which literally meant: The Black Land. And they called themselves Kemi, Kamites or Hamites meaning the Black People. To prove that the ancient people of Arabia was Black, we again turn to the words of Cheik Anta Diop, in his book " m e African Origin of Civilization - Myth or Reality", where it says, according to Lenorment, a Kuchite Empire originally existed throughout Arabia, this was the epoch personified by the Adites of Ad, grandson of Ham, the biblical ancestors of Blacks. Cheddade, son of Ad and builder of the legendary "Earthly Paradise", mentioned in the Holy Quran belongs to the epoch called the "First Adites". This empire was destroyed in the 18th century b.c., by an invasion of coarse, white sectanide tribe, who apparently came to settle among the Blacks. As we have seen, prior to the 18th century b.c. only Negroes were found in the region of Arabia. Infiltrations before the second millennium were relatively insignificant. I can go on and on at this point citing unlimited facts and proofs to show how extensive the Blackman’s history really is, but the point that I have been trying to make throughout this manifestation is that it is a mistake for the Blackman to call himself African and his home Africa, when there is so much unmistakable proof that his history is not limited to just this one area, but instead encompasses the entire planet Earth. Also, in light of the above facts, there is really no such distinct place or land Called Africa, as that land is only the Southern portion of a larger land mass called Asia, and as such it would be more appropriate and truthful to roll himself "Asiatic". No doubt, this would have a positive effect on placing him in the much larger context of history, whereas, he will be able to identify with his ownself regardless to where that self might be.

If all the Continents of the Earth can be recognized as forming a part of one major continent which is called Asia and it has been well established that the Blackman has roots linking him with all of these areas then it is only logical and right that he considers himself as Asiatic, especially since the name Asia has a meaning that is more in accord with the real nature of the Blackman. The name Asia is derived from the word "Asu" which means: The land of the rising Sun. The Sun has always been regarded as a symbol of light. Light in this case meaning "Truth". This truth is the guiding light that loads men out of darkness and into an understanding of him, and causes him to become enlightened to the true reality of life. Therefore, history bears witness that wherever the Blackman has shone his light (Truth) he has caused to be risen up great and powerful civilizations. Every land of the Earth has felt and experienced the presence of the great Son of Man, and in each of these lands he has risen and continue to rise to show that he is the universal light and salvation of the world, and that without him the world would not be, but that through him shall the world be saved. The Asiatic Blackman is Allah, the father of all civilizations and supreme God of the universe.

R E F E R E N C E S:

Sex and Race, Vol. 1 & 2

By: J.A. Rogers

Introduction to African Civilization

By: John C. Jackson

African Origin of Civilization - Myth or Reality

By: Cheik A. Diop

Principles of Geography

By: John E. Farchild

Afro-American History

By: Malcolm X

Message to the Blackman in America

By: Hon. Elijah Muhammad


The Five Percent Unity Publication Series is a cooperative publishing effort of the Nation of the Gods (Men) and the Earths (Women), established in 1984.

The Five Percent Unity Publication has its birth from the contributions of literary works from the many Islamic scholars belonging to the Nation of the Gods and Earths.

This pattern of collaboration was developed as a medium of communication to the public (85%) at large in the form of an educational vehicle to illuminate the truth that is misunderstood concerning the goals, teachings, aims and aspirations of the Nation of the Gods and Earths (Formally known as the Five Percent).

The Five Percent Unity Publication Series is a non-profit educational vehicle whose teaching’s has gained wide acceptence in the light of the most recent research in the field of history and literary criticism.

This booklet formulated by SHABAZZ ADEW ALLAH is one of many publications produced by members of the Nation of the Gods and Earths, made available to the public for examination, evaluation and enlightenments

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