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Alyson has been acting since the age of four. Her early career included appearing in commercials for McDonald's, Oreo Cookies, and Six Flags Amusement Parks. She first appeared on the big screen as Dan Aykroyd's daughter Jessie Mills in "My Stepmother Is an Alien"
Date Format Title Role
1988FilmMy Stepmother is an AlienJessie Mills
1989TVFree SpiritJessie Harper
1991TVSwitched at BirthGina Twigg, Age 13-16
1995TVThe Stranger Beside MeDana
1996TVIndecent SeductionKelly
1996TVFor My Daughters Honor 
1997-TV SeriesBuffy the Vampire SlayerWillow Rosenberg
1998FilmDead Man on CampusLucy
1999TVHayley Wagner, StarJenna Jakes
1999FilmAmerican PieMichelle
2000FilmBeyond City Limits
2000FilmBoys and Girls