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29th Infantry Division

Unit Locations Upon Induction Into Federal Service
February 3, 1941

29th Division Headquarters Company: Washington, D.C.

88th Infantry Brigade

Headquarters Company: Berryville, VA

116th Infantry Regiment ("The Stonewall Brigade")

Headquarters Company: Roanoke, VA
Antitank Company: Roanoke, VA
Service Company Roanoke, VA
1st Battalion, 116th Infantry
Company A: Bedford, VA
Company B: Lynchburg, VA
Company C: Harrisonburg, VA
Company D: Roanoke, VA
Headquarters Company: Roanoke, VA
2nd Battalion, 116th Infantry
Company E: Chase City, VA
Company F: South Boston, VA
Company G: Farmville, VA
Company H: Martinsville, VA
Headquarters Company: Alta Vista, VA
3rd Battalion, 116th Infantry
Company I: Winchester, VA
Company K: Charlottesville, VA
Company L: Staunton, VA
Company M: Emporia, VA
Headquarters Company: Winchester, VA

l76th Infantry Regiment ("The Richmond Light Infantry Blues")

All companies in armories in cities of Richmond and Petersburg, VA

58th Infantry Brigade

Headquarters Company: Baltimore, MD

115th Infantry Regiment ("1st Maryland")

Headquarters Company: Frederick, MD
Antitank Company: Kensington, MD
Service Company: Silver Spring, MD
1st Battalion, 115th Infantry
Company A: Frederick, MD
Company B: Hagerstown, MD
Company C: Cambridge, MD
Company D: Bel Air, MD
Headquarters Company: Easton, MD
2nd Battalion, 115th Infantry
Company E: Elkton, MD
Company F: Hyattsville, MD
Company G:Cumberland, MD
Company H: Westminster, MD
Headquarters Company: Laurel, MD
3rd Battalion, 115th Infantry
Company I: Salisbury, MD
Company K: Centreville, MD
Company L: Crisfield, MD
Company M: Annapolis, MD
Headquarters Company: Pokomoke City, MD

l75th Infantry Regiment ("The Dandy 5th of Maryland")

All companies in 5th Regiment Armory, Baltimore, MD

54th Field Artillery Brigade

Headquarters Company: Norfolk, VA

110th Field Artillery Regiment

All batteries in Pikesville Armory, Pikesville, MD

111th Field Artillery Regiment

Service Battery: Newport News, VA
Headquarters Battery: Norfolk, VA
1st Battalion, 111th Field Artillery
Battery A: Richmond, VA
Battery B: Chesapeake, VA
Battery C: Portsmouth, VA
Service Battery: Norfolk, VA
Headquarters Battery: Portsmouth, VA
2nd Battalion, 111th Field Artillery
Battery D: Hampton, VA
Battery E: Richmond, VA
Battery F: Fredericksburg, VA
Service Battery: Newport News, VA
Headquarters Battery: Richmond, VA

176th Field Artillery Regiment

All batteries in armories in city of Pittsburgh, PA

104th Medical Regiment
All companies in 4th Regiment Armory, Baltimore, MD

121st Engineer Combat Regiment
All companies in armories in Washington, D.C.

104th Quatermaster Regiment
Armories in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

104th Observation Squadron
Logan Field, Dundalk, MD

29th Division Special Troops

29th Signal Company: Norfolk, VA
29th Military Police Platoon: Washington, D.C.
104th Ordnance Company: Washington, D.C.