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29, LET'S GO!

The WWII Newsletter of the 29th Division

Last update July 18, 2008

29 Let's Go! was the 29th Infantry Division newsletter, published daily at division headquarters for distribution to front-line troops, from June 3, 1944, in the D-Day marshalling camps in England, to July 18, 1945, in Bremen, Germany. A witty corporal by the name of Jean Lowenthal, a member of the division HQ's "Special Services" section, was responsible. Printed by a mimeograph machine on both sides of a single, flimsy sheet of legal-size paper, the newsletter was the antithesis of a typical U.S. Army publication. Lowenthal's writing was humorous and chatty, and the front page was habitually livened up by a cartoon that regularly featured what 29ers missed most attractive American women on the home front, often in skimpy clothing.

General Gerhardt did not make a habit of staying in touch with many corporals, but he made a point of maintaining a special relationship with Corporal Lowenthal. The general realized that 29 Let's Go! spoke the language of the ordinary fighting man, and as long as Lowenthal relentlessly promoted the 29th Division's exploits, Gerhardt did not meddle with the style that would prove so popular among 29ers. Gerhardt commonly took a few moments out of his busy schedule to give Lowenthal a call and suggest a suitable topic for a new story, but his involvement did not get much deeper than that. Occasionally, Lowenthal would even phone the general and ask: "Got anything for us today, sir?"

Gerhardt was so impressed by Lowenthal's work that he awarded him a Bronze Star "for meritorious achievement" during the Brest campaign. The general directed Lowenthal to mention that honor in 29 Let's Go!, but the modest young corporal declined to do so.

One of Lowenthal's typical 29 Let's Go! tidbits that so amused the 29ers noted: "'D-Day' [General Gerhardt's pet dog] has finally become a full-fledged soldier. He took his first flight in an L-4 artillery observation plane today [September 11, 1944]. The trip was made over Le Conquet peninsula, and D-Day made this remark: 'What took you so long?' After returning to the airfield, in appreciation for his splendid trip, D-Day lifted his leg and left his initials on the Air OP's command post tent."

Click on any of the links below to view copies of 29 Let's Go! for the indicated dates. NOTE: You must have Adode Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view these files. (Most computers these days automatically have this software installed.)

29 LET'S GO, JUNE 3, 1944, p.1 (First Issue)

29 LET'S GO, JUNE 3, 1944, p.2 (First Issue)

29 LET'S GO, JULY 18, 1944, p.1 (Liberation of St. Lo)

29 LET'S GO, JULY 18, 1944, p.2 (Liberation of St. Lo)

29 LET'S GO, SEPTEMBER 19, 1944, p.1 (Liberation of Brest)

29 LET'S GO, SEPTEMBER 19, 1944, p.2 (Liberation of Brest)

29 LET'S GO, FEBRUARY 25, 1945 p.1 (Capture of Julich)

29 LET'S GO, FEBRUARY 25, 1945 p.2 (Capture of Julich)

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