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As They Appear Today

Photos by Joseph Balkoski
Last update: September 7, 2010

The western sector of Omaha Beach, where the 29th Infantry Division landed at 0630 on June 6, 1944. Photo taken from German pillbox west of the Vierville Draw. "It didn't take a military genius to figure out that a defender could hold off a force many times his size from such a position." (Beyond the Beachhead, page 117.)

The cliffs at the far western end of Omaha Beach. Here C Company of the 2nd Ranger Battalion and a boat team of B Company, 116th Infantry, 29th Division, ascended on the morning of D-Day, neutralizing the strong enemy positions on the clifftop shown in the first photo. "So many shells were ranging along over the crest of the hill that a man standing there felt as if he could reach out and pick them out of the air." (Capt. Maurice McGrath, as quoted in Beyond the Beachhead, page 133.)

The St. Laurent (E-1) Draw on the eastern sector of Omaha Beach. Here the 29th Division's 115th Infantry (1st Maryland) landed from 12 LCIs at about 1030 on D-Day. "As they approached shore, the shocked members of the 115th could plainly see the carnage on the sand. It appeared that the regiment would have to fight its way off the beach." (Beyond the Beachhead, page 143.)

Joseph Balkoski at the 29th Infantry Division Monument, situated in the Vierville (D-1) Draw at the head of Dog Green Beach. "Our Fallen lie among you . . . Sleep, comrades, forever young. We salute you. Remember us."

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