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Recent Events

Probably the bestest way to get some insight into what we're all about (other than coming out with us).

Below are a few of the things we've done in the past. Sadly folks we usually get too pissed to take photos, so our mums don't let us take cameras away with us anymore. Nevermind though, this'll still give you a fair idea.

This page is well overdue for an update....coming soon

The S. Wales Sunbeam MCCs 13th Classic Bike Show.

As far as I know, we've put a club stand on at the Sunbeam MCCs show since it's been running. This year, we made a few hundred quid for LATCH ( a local cancer & leukaemia charity ) by selling teas, coffees & snacks. See Charity Page. Thirteen members put thier bikes on show - not one a classic. The original idea of putting a club stand at the show was a membership initiative, then a few years back we started to make a show of it with a theme, like a medievel theme with jousting dummies on the bikes etc. One of these themes was a 50s biker cafe, and we made hundreds for club funds. This had to then develop to a charity fundraiser.

Unfortunately, for unknown reasons the South Wales Sunbeam MCC recently told us that they will not be holding the Llanishen show this year. We don't yet know wether or not they intend to resume next year. Of course, we'll let ya know.

BMF Memba Rally & Show

This year we had about thirty members travel down to the rally, and when we were there we met up with five mates that came all the way from southern Germany for the weekend. Suffice to say, we all were well fed and suitably bladdered for the weekend, a few of us stopped on the Sunday night too, because the Germans were going home on Monday. Although, admittedly we were all burned out by then. It's a huge show with plenty of attractions and plenty of bargains. Although a few of us feel that there wasn't the quality of gear this year in the big bargain marquees. I think the one tale to leave you with this weekend is not the one about Alun filling his T595i with deisel!!!, but the one when Gordon & Kay (if you haven't met 'em - meet 'em) stood outside the toilet block at about 3am Sunday and started a queue! There was no-one in the bogs, but they had about fifteen people soon enough in their Queue!!! It took a while for someone to say "You gonna use them bogs or wot??", to which Gordon replied "Oh, no mate. This is the queue, if you wanna piss you gotta go in there!, we're just queueing."

The 'Bush' (Masons Arms), The Forest of Dean.

Nice little 'local' pub, the Bush. We,ve been going ther quite regular now, being owned by the Cousin of a member, it's a nice little set up we have. Piss it up, and there's free camping, too!

We last went up on Saturday 14th December, only seven of us, but a cracking night out anyway.

If you missed it, better luck next time! (see events page).