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Site: 1 May 2005 - Index page change
Weblog: see below

The Colby's Corner blog at Blogspot is gone.  I've discovered the Angelfire blogger, although slow, does much more, including pictures (Blogspot wanted you to cough up mucho bucks for a picture site)  And the address is easy - if you've already bookmarked this site through, tack on /colbyscorner and you're there.  I haven't added much to it yet because I've been busy.  I've also gotten rid of the Gmail email address, so temporarily send all email to until I get a new email address.

Also notice our links are a little neater.  With this new version of Frontpage, I found a template that was easier to lay out information.


About Colby's Corner: Colby's Corner  affiliated in any way with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.  Buses of the MBTA was originally established on November 11, 2001 under the address as a fan site for transportation buses in the greater Boston area and acquired the domain address on January 1, 2003.  On November 27, 2004, was renamed Colby's Corner, and will keep the address until January 1, 2005, where it will reverted to the original Angelfire address.  This website may contain inaccuracies and incorrect information from time to time - if there are, please send an email to the webmaster listed above and we will credit you with the correct information.  Any pictures taken from other websites will always be credited to those who took the picture and the website it came from.  You may take any pictures from this site as well, so long as you credit this website and/or the person who took the picture.  We are also committed against commercial unsolicited email ("spam") and we will never give your email address to mass mailing lists.