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Torduninja's crypto page

A stand-alone portable GnuPG installation on a floppy disk or USB device. Build your own by following the set-up guide or download a ready-made package.

Find out more here.

My GPG/PGP keys
PLEASE NOTE: I do not want these keys sent to a keyserver.

RSA/ElG  (1536/3072)   0x76FD43E6EADF898E
Fingerprint   2627 306C 0551 92B2 CE99 DDB7 76FD 43E6 EADF 898E
[This is now my main key.]

DSA  (1024/3072)   0x28163F47A9DB09C0
Fingerprint   F648 D1E7 CE9A 8799 2D90 309A 2816 3F47 A9DB 09C0
[This key was used to sign earlier GPG-TO-GO download
files and is still valid though it is no longer used.]
27 July 2005   Maxine Brandt <>