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♫ ♫ ♫ ๘ஜ๑●♥ ** WELCOME ** ♥●๘ஜ๑ ♫ ♫ ♫

*•. Έ*•.Έ*•.Έ Έ.•*Έ.•*Έ.•* «•.*♥ ♥*.•» Έ.•* Έ.•*Έ.•* *•.Έ*•.Έ*•.

One day you realized you were different

your body did not fit the image you saw in the mirror

you feel so real down inside one way,

but it doesn't match the label given you

others said you are otherwise since birth

but you see; they are just being judgemental.

You need only speak to God

give Jesus your inner fears

trust Him for your life & outcomes

of what you need daily will be revealed

to you personally by HIM and through a real

one on one with our true Savior

There are believers in God who can see you,

who want to know you for who you are

and love you just as God does!

And regardless of popular opinions of 'you'

God made you to know you belong to His family.

Heaven has a place for you too.

Come just as you are, live for Jesus

and know the true meaning of life

as it is meant to be!

I can be a friend in prayers,

or as you need whether near or far

because you see I am different too

I am called the black sheep

in my friends and family.

I am not different maybe you see

I was born a female, straight too

I came to God since at a very early age.

I suffered so much at the hands of humans

and now I see a whole new life

to believe in me whom God created me to be

to allow the river to flow

to trust God for me to be

under His lovely wings of grace

to speak of His love for all humanity

who wishes to be saved and happy.

It is a love which no man can show to me

It is heavenly, pure and simple to understand

it is all He said it would be from His Holy Words

now I need only ask to be a loving being

forgiving too of those who are closed minded

and ignorant to why Jesus came, died, rose again,

to empower us as people to be loved

and to love Him is all He asks in return.

We so need to know this one thing
nobody is made perfect
Shine in this world
just as you are
because without you,
I could not be me!!

*•. Έ*•.Έ*•.Έ Έ.•*Έ.•*Έ.•* «•.*♥ ♥*.•» Έ.•* Έ.•*Έ.•* *•.Έ*•.Έ*•.

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*•. Έ*•.Έ*•.Έ Έ.•*Έ.•*Έ.•* «•.*♥ ♥*.•» Έ.•* Έ.•*Έ.•* *•.Έ*•.Έ*•.

Come Just as You Are
I walked the walk in many religions
tried many forms of beliefs and lived them
but today I know the truth not from books;
that God is love and made all to be loved equally!

Judges among so many are not the final authority
they are just like you and me people
we once were lost but now am found
was blind but now I see...

I saw many a person commit suicide or get murdered because
they were made different or chose to be what they felt within,
We came a long way baby, but more is needed to shake up
the so called godly people to see truly the God of love
who died for us to be happy in Him, to bring us to the Father!

So many hurt others without insight or knowledge,
close their minds to the popular opinion
I choose to be part of something I know to be real,
love and acceptance of all decent people
regardless of how they need to live,
they belong to God too, as I do!

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You are extraordinary,
just as you are,
trapped in a different body?
Just be - You..
Be Loved!