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Day Break Chinese Cresteds

Trouble is my Black and White powderpuff female
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Lady is a cream and white powderpuff
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Cricket is my black and white Hairless girl
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Reuben is my palomino HL boy
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Fritz is my Slate HL
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Lily is my black and white puff
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Welcome to the home of Daybreak Chinese Cresteds. Chinese Cresteds come in two distinct varieties the hairless and the fully coated counterpart the Powderpuff. Both are born in the same litters unless you breed a powderpuff to a powderpuff. any other combination and will produce both puppies (HL X HL or HL X PP). Some people are very confused with the "hairless" chinese crested as the amount of body hair can vary from being completely naked to an almost fully coated dog. The ones you will see in the show ring will MOSTLY be hairy hairless (HHL) because of the amount of crest and furnishings. There will be the odd crested that has ample furnishing with very little to no body hair but it is rare. Every HL has hair on it's head (mane) feet (socks) and tail (plume). Every Chinese Crested even a true HL has hair on it's face and it's ears as well. Just as the Hairless can come in so many forms so can the Powderpuff. The coat types in the powderpuff can vary considerably from a coarse terrier type coat to a soft cottony coat. The Chinese Crested is a very charming, intelligent little dog that is a joy to live with.

My Name is Dawn McDermid and I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I was first introduced to the world of purebred dogs and dog shows and of course Chinese Cresteds, when I was 12, at first competing in juniors as well as the regular show ring. Since then I have helped put titles on several Cresteds, doing the grooming as well as the showing and have pointed 7 more. I have been the 'doggie midwife' to several girls, assisting the girls to deliver their very special little ones. Our goal is to produce healthy, sound, quality Cresteds. And my "secret" goal is to produce a home bred BIS winner owner/breeder/handled by Moi! I am Not currently breeding do to Living situations. I do not live in a pet friendly place at the moment.

*Special Thanks To Nancy Larson for all her help and the "daybreak" logo!*

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Last updated January 18, 2010

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