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Connecting With Diana


How It All Began...

Connecting with Diana


An Uncommon Conversation
With The Late Princess Diana


Let me begin by saying that I am a channel/medium for the world of Spirit. This means that I hear with great clarity the "thought voices" of those not of this physical world. This vocation is fascinating and very often yields surprising encounters. Whether the channel is working with guides/angels or connecting to the essence of those moved on from this world, it is always a new experience since each entity connected to is as different as those here in this realm. It is never the same; never static in it’s content.

The biggest surprise of my channeling career happened in the wee hours of August 31, 1997. Having seen the news images of a mangled car, and ultimately learning that Princess Diana had been killed in the accident, most of the world and I felt great sadness. But, because of my belief systems that all things happen for a higher purpose, it triggered in me questions; the biggest one being WHY? Why did this happen and what were to be the ramifications of it on a cosmic/spiritual level?

Being one who works regularly with my own set of guides for insight and wisdom, when I could not find a satisfactory answer in my own mind, I turned to them to see what they might offer in the way of perspective. So, curled on my couch at 1:15 a.m., I “tuned” to my guides “frequency” and began to ask questions.

The phrasing of my question to my guides about Diana’s death went something like this: “Is there a reason, above the obvious one of a car accident, that Princess Diana has left this realm? If so, WHY?” I went into my “reception mode” and was immediately deluged with rapid-fire information. When the guides burst through that evening with more information than I knew I was going to be able to handle easily about their reasoning for her death, I excused myself and moved to my computer. I have learned to type what I “hear” since often retaining the whole of a session in my mind is impossible. How glad now I am that I did so that evening!

After many minutes of giving me insight into the ramifications of her death and how it might impact the world beyond the sorrow, they notified me that “another” wished to speak to me about this topic. I was not really up for more since I was growing very tired with the late hour, but I did say that it would be okay if it were kept short and simple. Needless to say at this point, the most incredible and surprising jolt of my channeling career began, for I found the “another” to be no less than Diana herself, giving me her words.

Naturally, after this first contact and the receiving of what Diana had to say, my next set of questions involved the whole “why me?" scenario. I was flabbergasted that one such as she would so easily begin to speak to me. I even thought perhaps it was a grief related glitch in the brain. However, when further contact was made again, over and over, and because of the content of what was said, I knew this was not the case. I am still not sure I have the full answer as to why me, but as one friend said, “Why not you?”. I like that attitude, so have eased my questioning so that I may move forward.

This book is the chronicling of her words to me spanning perhaps a year or more of sessions. It took me another year to make the decision to put my transcripts (always make transcripts!) into book form, somewhat at her urging. Factor in another year for organizing and typing the book, and you have a slice of 5 years of my life. It is no light thing to claim you have spoken to someone of Diana’s magnitude. Ridicule and cynicism would no doubt abound. But once I made the decision, I knew it was the right thing. I knew it had to be.

What you will read here on this site are excerpts of Diana’s words to me on various topics/issues. Since the book is not yet in written hard copy form,it makes me proud to offer you some glimpses of what she offered me. There is much more to the story, of course, and therefore I also offer a way to download an entire E-book form of this material. It makes it accessible to you now, and keeps the cost low. (See the Pal Pal links at various places throughout the site. I will email you the entire E-book once payment is confirmed, so be sure to include your email! ) Until I find a publisher for an acutal hard copy book, I wish to bring her words to the world in this E-book format. It is what I was asked to do, and perhaps, what I was meant to do. Please enjoy this foray into one humble person’s conversation with one of the world’s greatest icons and humanitarians.




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