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Where are they Now?

A "Success Stories" page

The babyz and their new mommies featured here have been adopted from Bikini Bottom Babyz and have had a successful time in finding a home. Read about their success here!

Babyz: Arnold and Arthur

Arnold, Arthur, and Janette (Their new sister) just got in trouble. I was feeding them and when I got done feeding them, I spoke into the microphone they were playing nice. I said "bye-bye Janette" (she knows how to talk). She sat on the floor and waved at me. I left the room and I heard Arthur crying and I walked back in the room. I spoke into the microphone and said "guys stop." Arthur stops crying, Arnold lays down on the floor and acts like he is asleep, and Jeanette had the blob of food in her hand she got ready to throw it at Arthur then she puts her down and sticks it in her mouth. Then I walked out the room and looked from behind the door. I sad bye bye. Then Janette spits out the food blob on to the floor. The babyz were covered with peas and carrots so I gave all of them a bath and put them into their pajamas and I put them to bed. They went to sleep and while they were asleep, I cleaned their big mess they gave kitchen a new look. They are still sleeping

Babyz: Aimee and Bradley


Bradley: An angel sent from above!

Aimee was a very sad little girl. She knew that she shouldn't be sad because she had a brand new home with a brand new mommy and lots of new brothers and sisters but she just couldn't help thinking about her old mommy. Her old mommy used to neglect her and abuse her. One time she left Aimee in the SAME dirty diaper ALL week long. Aimee had the most horrible diaper rash ever! However, Aimee knew that her new mommy would not be like that but she was just too shy to try new foods or to make new friends. She had 12 new brothers and sisters. Aimee's new mommy liked to pair up the babyz in groups so they always had one other baby to play with. Her mommy tried very hard to find a baby that Aimee felt comfortable with but she just couldn't. It just seemed as though Aimee would either cry the whole time she was with the baby, or else she would hide and throw things at them. Aimee was afraid her new mommy wouldn't like this and she would send her back to the orphanage but Aimee's new mommy knew she wasn't a mean little girl, she just because needed lots of love and encouragement.  

Aimee's new mommy was searching through some adoption pages one day when she came across Bradley. The note under Bradley's picture said he was a friendly, loveable, and outgoing little baby who could get along with anybody. He was ginger haired with a little cowlick in front and she fell in love with him right away. She thought about it very hard and decided that he would be the perfect brother for Aimee so she wrote an e-mail to the adoption agency and asked to adopt Bradley. The next day she had a beautiful baby boy. Aimee and Bradley loved each other right away! Their new mommy noticed this when she saw little Bradley playing the piano and noticed Aimee clapping along. She had never done this before! This wasn't a one time incident, now they are inseparable. Their mommy is SOOOO happy that she wanted to share this wonderful story with all of you! Aimee is healing quickly and is no longer a shy and scared little girl! She will even eat bananas and other foods now but milk still remains her favorite!

Bradley LOVES his new home and his new mommy and he thanks Lindsay for letting him come to this wonderful home!

Thank you Lindsay for making my babies happy!


Baby: Melanie, AKA Heather Lyn Hailie

Well I suppose I shall begin by telling you that her name is no longer Melanie but Heather Lyn Hailie. I adopted her with her little brother Shane who has a cold right now so he hasn't been playing with other babyz so when he feels better I will send you his success story and who he is. This is Heather's story:

I adopted Heather on August 14, 2002. That was the day my life changed for the better! As soon as I opened her file I could tell that she was the ONE. Her smile was so big and perfect I couldn't bare to turn off the monitor when my mom called me to dinner. (but I had to!) Anyway, later that night I went back to play with her and I found out that she LOVES animal crackers! That is basically ALL she will eat! With those big blue eyes how could I tell her no! So I fed her crackers and took her to the changing room to give her a bath, change her diapie and her clothes when she tried to stand! I was so excited! I mean I wasn't expecting her to stand or anything and she just did it! All day today that is all she has wanted to do! Heather gets along PERFECT with my other daughter Crisalynn Raie! They are like two peas in a pod! They are sweet, have angelic faces, have the cutest pose, prettiest eyes and have a model's attitude when you don't hold them right way! That makes them so perfect! Thank You Lindsay for giving me the best babyz I could ask for! Thanks for giving us Heather Lyn Hailie!